Mess bills on Ops

We are a small unit of augmentees attached to a regiment (non of us are capbadged this regiment). During pre deployment training in Germany we accommodated in the mess and paid mess bills accordingly. We recived a mess bill fopr October that covered the charged for the whole month when we were only in germany for four days, the rest being spent on leave in the uk or in theatre. The mess was closed for the remaining time in Germany.
Having arrived in theatre (Telic) we are still getting mess bills at the same rate as in Germany. We are not co-located with the regiment and have no access to the mess facilitys.
Can anyone shead any light on the rules and regs ref mess bills while on ops.
Sorry! My typings not up to much and my spelling is crap so dont bother mentioning that cos i know.
QRs require that all those of the appropriate rank pay mess subscriptions. If you were paying subscriptions for a different mess then your current unit should refund you, as you would appear to be double charged.

Other charges on mess bills (Ents, Presentation etc etc) are decided upon by the mess members themselves. If you feel that you shouldn't be paying for something whilst on Ops then stand up at a Mess Meeting and propose it. If enough people support the proposition then it shall become so .......

Be warned though - it would be courteous to mention it to the PMC beforehand as they generally don't like surprises at a mess meeting!
Cheers for that, the trouble is we have no access to the mess. (we are 336K's away). this is the whole point of the question. How can we vote on anything or take part in any mess functions. We have never attended a mess meeting in Germany or here on Telic. it just seems like a way for the regiment in question to rip off the 'stabs'.
Try the common sense approach. Write to the PMC explaining that you are only paying for Mess subs and ask for an exemption not to pay for the other items extra messing, ents etc.
You shouldn't be paying extra messing unless you are actually eating in the mess and drinking the coffee - the extra messing tops up the DMR (the amount of money each of your meals costs out of food charges) that is used to feed you by the kitchen. It pays for heinz ketchup instead of those nasty red sachet things or gets you kellogs cornflakes instead of cardboard. They can rightfully charge you ents and sports if you are att to the unit as you would be entitled to attend a mess function where ents would be spent - also is you pay sports subs then you are entitled to grants from the PRI.

Mess bills are the bain of a treasurer's life. Ops and att personnel throw a big spanner in the works. Befriend the mess treasurer (usually the det comd or an overworked captain) - unless they are civvie - and speak in a grown-up manner to the PMC. :evil:
I had a similar problem, was resolved by the Sqn 2i/c of the sub-unit I was attached to, who agreed it was unfair for me to pay anything other than mess subs as I was not a member of the regt and indeed had been offered the opportunity to leave the mess meeting held in theatre as I had no voting rights.

It did however take 5 months to sort during which time, with the full knowledge of the 2i/c I only ever paid the mess subs part of the ever spiralling mess bill that was sent each month. luckily my final bill showed the corrected balance and my "debt" written off.

Whatever you do, make sure you let the PMC know what you are doing and why and despite the fact that you have no access to the mess or any of the services I'm afraid you can't get out of paying the subs. but hey, 1 months subs should probably equal one day's LSSA so it's not all that bad.
As I understand it you should only pay subs if you are in station for 14 days in the month - therefore if you were only there for four days you shouldn't have to pay subs.

I would speak to the Regimental Accountant to get an idea of what the rules are and what has been decided by the Mess - there may be a logical answer that has been applied to everyone but might suit the local conditions (e.g., the mess is up the swanny and needs some the money) . The PMC should be able to explain the situation for you, too. Slearly 'fcuk off and do what you're told' won't be an acceptale answer.
More of a question than an answer, I'm afraid. :?:

Isn't there provisions for you to 'Sign Out' and thereby cease Mess Bills and in the space where it says Gaining Unit you state Operation *****, then it being obvious to the Mess Treasurer that your Gaining Unit has no Mess, then everthing is on hold until you return safe and sound, Sign In and resume normal life.
That should apply if you are going on secondment/course to a different unit. You are still required to pay subs during Ops under QRs.
As the treasurer for a sgts mess in colly this is a subject that crops up quite often for me. The way my mess works its account is that members will pay subs when they are in station/out of station on exercise;on tour and on leave. They will not pay subs if they have paid subs into another mess whilst on course etc, but only if they produce a receipt. Although if a living in member, who pays twice as much as a living out member, will have his subs reduced to the rate paid by those who live out if he or she is out of station on ex/tour etc. With regards to ent, if they are out of station on any of the above then they will not pay it. What you have to understand is that the mess still has liabilities when you are out of station such as tv rental/insurance/washing machines etc. if the mess deploys en masse and nobody pays subs then the mess will go into debt!! Hope this helps

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