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Is there a reason why mess bills vary so much from station to station, similarly bar prices? :? (excluding obvious reasons such as PAYD and Corps vs Regt)

Just curious...

CRmeansCeilingReached said:
are you at a unit where sodexho run things? :)
No, but I have been.

Currently a member of a NAAFI run mess and regularly visit another NAAFI run mess to find different bar prices and reports of different mess bills.

The Sodexho bars seem to vary as well.
Do NAAFI do a good job of running the mess? Sodexho do a reasonable job where I am, can't complain about drinks prices (£1.10 a pint and 50p a short)
My last WO&SGTs Mess Bill (Army) was around the £30 mark, my standard RN Mess Bill is about £8. No difference in what is supplied to the Mess Members. Having had to go in and sort out the Mess Funds at an Army unit which was losing money each month, the civvie run accounting is, to say the least, appalling - this was a Corps "home", and should have been making a bloody fortune, but because of lazy bill-chasing was approaching dangerous debt levels. The Messes should be run by the Services, not by contracted third parties - the only reason the bills go up is to pay their wages!
WasMe, I refer you to the very first line of this thread. Learn to read - w4nker!

Plant Life, NAAFI seem to make a good enough job of it, but it is all linked into PAYD. The sucess (of the way that mess is run) is down to the very good mess manager and staff. How good a mess is to be a member is down to personalities as much as anything else. The Sodexho messes I've been in are usually quite expensive and often not the best but it was more the variation of mess bills and bar prices that was the root of the question. Pompey Sailors comment is one I have heard many time and I can't help but wonder why

1 Euro a beer is good enough for me though!
Sorry for the knob comment! I will get back in me box!!

I am afraid that I have had and heard the same argument over and over again!

Accept it, or not! Seniors do not run the mess anymore.........the mess closes when the bar staff say not the RSM, it is available when the manager says not the committee.

It is a different world in a different time!
Very true, WasMe (forgiven mate!), but some of the staff are OK.

Even in the worst mess I have had the mis-fortune to stay in had decent staff willing to stay open when asked in the correct manner :wink: There it was the managment that really sucked, thought RSMs (various) qualified as cnuts as well
Thing is, due to the changes a few years ago the mess became a business concern, but it wasn't only us. The officers are (in the main) in the same boat.

I agree with the comment about staff, some are working very long hours (due to numbers) and so try so hard to ensure that mess members are catered for in all ways.
It seems to get more expensive the less members there are especially entertainments in my last mess it was £10 entertainments a month with about 60 members and then we had to pay extra when attending functions in my current mess £5 entertainments no extra cost for functions about 200 members.

And the food seems worse the less members there are.

like you FB i have no probs with my mess bill, part and parcel of being a senior. Just glad im not in Lazy K at the mo and paying for things that im not receiving. -

Asbestos Tea anyone? :wink:
Do you think Sgts' should pay the same as a WO1 Tech? When I got my stripey the pay increase was 50p a day but the average mess bill was £40. I know were not in it for the money but it does seem a bit unfair.
Just an Idea.
Don't shoot!
Moon_Monkey_Spunk said:
Do you think Sgts' should pay the same as a WO1 Tech? When I got my stripey the pay increase was 50p a day but the average mess bill was £40. I know were not in it for the money but it does seem a bit unfair.
Just an Idea.
Don't shoot!
Apart from having lost the Tech pay (alright - we'll not go there), I was under the impressiom Army mess bills are graduated by rank. RAF bills aren't, is that why you ask?

The comment about Kineton is interesting, having just spent 3 weeks there and received a mess bill including elements for Subs, Entertainments, Improvements and Silver. Why are cse pers expected to pay for improvements and silver in a transit situation?
Only the Subscriptions should change with the rank, the remainder should be the same for all members.

Although I wouldn't be very impressed paying for silver when I was on a course and staying in the mess. I would have a butchers at their Mess Rules and see if you should be paying.

It might just be a lazy Mess Accountant running them too quickly and not paying attention !!! :eek:
The mess bills at KTN seem to be a fairly regular topic of discussion in the Mess mtgs and hierachal p155ing contests. Cse pers get nothing at KTN and the current (newish) RSM has been challeged by the Army School of Ammunition seniors as to the need for the cse pers to pay elements of the bill and concluded there is a right to charge (or more likely someone told him - I doubt he read it!).

Having lived in at KTN as well, I have seen it from both sides and really do think that cse pers are billed too much. It is usually the cse pers that put all the cash through the bar!

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