mess bills...con?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cheggarsRE, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. so hear comes through the door the magic bank statement, i look down to see if my cheque has cleared for my mess bill and da daahh no it hasn't even been paid in!!

    i love the fact that you pay mess bills on time to the appropriate people and they can't even do their half of the job so no doubt next week i'll be before the SMI again..... £185 outstanding albeit i have a cheque book that has nigh on 12 cheque receipts for mess bills!!

    the other very alarming point is the fact that in the last 18 months i have spent over 11 out of bed on courses etc and short tours yet because i am in station for 1 day of the month albeit a friday when the mess is closed for stock taking i still have to pay the extra £7.50 that those not in station that 'month' don't have to it me or is the mess becoming one of the biggest robbing bastad facilities going?

    mess do's used to eat all of the extra money people had paid however now araspack run them we have to pay for the booze at some shitty band and some crap carnival the local pikies are over charging for...

    me thinks that the old system of mess bills needs a hasty review and overall should be binned! Our mess consists little more of a bar in a large crap village hall with some 1960's carpet..hardly worth paying £15 a month for...

    Now am i just disillusioned and have been in the worse 3 messes in the army or do some messes nowadays really work for the men that use them?

    and yes i know that no amount of moaning will ever get any of the problems sorted because what the fuck do the top brass care for, they always get their tea and toast and general piss up nights!
  2. it pi55es me off when you pay all this money for monthly mess fees and when i want a brew at 1031hrs its all been packed up at 1030 - and they wont even let me make my own- to55ers
  3. Or I have to pay for tea and toast, even though my Mess is 2 miles away and there is no way I can get there at 1000hrs.
  4. No you don't. Never worth posting lies on here. There's always someone to catch you out. After all there ain't that many 6' 15 stone men in frocks on here. Yet.
  5. If there are things you are unhappy with bring it up at the next mess meeting or speak to the PMC.

    Cheggers, challenge WHY the cheques aren´t clearing. You have indeed done your part of the deal, they are clearly not doing theirs. How long are cheques valid for? What about Direct Debit. Some messes do this.

    Same deal with the charges. I know my mess charges such incidentals on a daily basis. Yours seems to be a little less flexible.

    CFC, propose that a self service "kettle" or similar is left out after 10:30 till 11.

    It is OUR mess, if you don´t put the propositions on the floor then things aren´t going to happen.
  6. i did that and they said no!!! it was a H& S risk that i may burn myself or some other stupid rule that the though police came up with.

    Yes it is our mess, and years ago it used to be my home. i would think now its like living with the Victorian Dad out of Viz :cry:
  7. What an odd bunch!!! Have seen it done loads of times in messes.

    Who said no, the mess or the contractor?

    You could always take your "battle box" in with you, and brew up in the corner.
  8. In my Mess we have a 'spot on' Mess Manageress who addresses all of this stuff. There is coffee laid on at the correct times and often left to overrun, we have a Burco style boiler in the Kitchens with brew kit next to it so we can help ourselves 24/7 and dont have to pay per brew etc etc.

    this does come at a price. I believe our living in contingent pays the princely sum of £9 per head, per month to cover sundries. That means everyone (including visitors) can brew up, make toast etc 24/7 without anyone getting excited about whether you had 2 spoons of sugar or 3.

    Inevitably some people whine about paying £9 a month for brews, the technical term for these people is w@nkers.

    Speak to the PMC and speak to the Mess Manager, if they are playing silly buggers with the H&S rules, speak to the QM
  9. And yes, I AM one of the living in members
  10. 9 Squid for livers in, and say 2 or 3 beer tokens for livers out. Would more than cover it if you ask me.
  11. these sort of "debates" often get to me, there are many things in the army that are dissapearing for the worst - it is all civvy orientated and play station generated - the messes are falling down becasue for the most part they have contractors in doing what the military used to deal with, the people living in for the most part dont support the mess like it should be...
    at a recent meeting we held a proposal was passed to pay 30 squid extra for xmas, half the pers present whinged... i then proposed that from jan we all pay 5 or 10 extra per month and i was made to feel like a pryer(sp?)
    i may of only completed just over half my contract and be allowed only two thoughts a day but it is the traditions of the army that make it was it was and should be
    i enjoy the mess, it is a place to have a drink at cheap rates - good in current climate - and also at the level where you are allowed three thoughts a day i beleive most of the units core work etc is carried out
    the mess is a central part of our life and i dont think that 20 or 30 squid a month is too much to ask for to have a place that offers what it does...