Discussion in 'Officers' started by tattybadger, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. I reckon that I have pumped almost £5k into messes over the last 20 years - that sum is based on an average of about £20 a month before you even step foot in the mess - and that is a low estimate.

    The messes should be absolutely fantatstic if all offrs are pumping that sort of cash into them. Most messes are reasonably good, buI have to say that they do not, by and large, reflect that type of huge cash injection on them - why?

    Short-term planning, CO's egos, poor management? It seems to me that cash is poorly invested in the mess.
  2. Its not there to invest though is it! As a mess member, I was always annoyed by rich messes hoarding money. If I am there and contributing for two years I want two years worth of entertainment and use, not saved up for some big event in the future, in all probability, after I leave!
  3. Good point - but it would be good to see some of that cash going to improving the standard of the mess would it not?
  4. officers mess bills only £20 a month? You cant be cavalry or guards then.
    Even my cpls mess bill was more than that and i am still waiting for my testimonial from them.

    In my experience the officers mess was always the more active and i looked on with envy when they had their mess nights, especially ladies night. I had the pleasure of being invited in on many an occasion and always had a fantastic night and was warmly welcomed.
  5. Dear me Tattybadger, all this talk of 'pumping' and 'injections' has got me hot and bothered.

    I for one have throughly enjoyed paying one third of the national debt to such fine institutions - particularly so when I had the good fortune to be deployed on ops with not a chance of enjoying their finery and hospitality. I also enjoyed the chance to contribute to the silver fund on more than one occasion (when asked by the CO for a small donation): along the lines of "£500 Storeman Norman, or your boll0x are in the grinder". I hope the mess(es) which benefitted are kind enough to remember me when they eventually close AND GIVE ME MY FCKING SILVER BACK.
  6. £20 was 1986!! And that was before any beer etc had been added - on several occasions they started at about £50, before you even stepped into the place.
  7. Make the most of these days, I think NAAFI have their eye on running all messes in the future.
  8. The answer? Too many civvy firms running messes and taking their cut of our cash while looking apathetically onto the poor service given, courtesy of them, by staff who can barely speak english! God, how I love ESS!

    Roll on my next militarily managed mess. Less civilian influence equals more satisfaction I say!
  9. Norman - I too contributed a number of lump sums in the region of £500 to the mess. Not sure that the trial was fair; there was little chance to question the evidence presented by the poisoned gnome chief prosecution witness.

    As for silver back - the only trinket I received on leaving was a small vets badge - not a sausage from any mess - not even a phone call from the boss!!
  10. Tatty, I don't think you are supposed to get anything after being cashiered!

    Seriously, if you didn't get anything after x years service then the PMC and the CO want a rocket up their collective arrses!
  11. Cannot get too excited now - after 21 years I pocketed enough dosh to pay me thro an expensive cse, buy a new car and still have enough to put down on a house!! That took a slighly higher priority than a pewter mug!!!
  12. that is not the point.
  13. I know. What is?
  14. What has puzzled me is how Navy mess fee's (cheapest I've paid was £6 a month-yes that is right, £6 and that was 2 years ago) can be a fraction of the Army mess fee's yet still provide EXACTLY the same service.

    Can someone please explain that one to me?
  15. Good point.