Mess Bills by direct debit

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by General Melchett, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    After having a drunken conversation at the bar the other night we wondered if any units pay mess bills by direct debit.

    Our mess is run by those masters of trash - sodexho. They will not (find it too difficult) set up DD payments (it's not in the contract). Thye only take cheques or cash. Then they hold onto the money for 3 months before giving it back to the mess funds (it's in the contract). This enables them to earn lots of interest on the money until we get it back (it's probably in the contract). We also cannot have a bar tab or cash cheques at the bar (it's in the contract).

    I can't understand why in this day and age subs can't paid by variable direct debit on the first of the month, and bar bills are settled by cash or cheque.
  2. Our mess is also run by Sodexho and they do take DD. We simply fill in a form and it's sent to a civvy treasurer via mess manager. Only sting in the tail is a 20p surcharge every month.
  3. Sodhexo...........c*nts.

    I asked on another thread but I'm too damned lazy to go searching for the response, but will NAAFI be taking over the Messes? Surely with their 'get rid of the competition' attitude which accompanies PAYD, they must have shown an interest in expanding into the Mess and getting shot of Sodexho and it's trained monkeys who operate our Messes in the UK?

    Does anyone have the answer?
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Interesting answers. Cheers guys. I'll pursue the matter further ref DD with the local manager monkey. If NAAFI did take over, I'm sure they would just give the current employees a different uniform, as happened when Eurest lost out to Sodexho at out place.
  5. Seme Bordon the Reme School of Excellence (if getting Tiffies caught by Journo scams count as worthy) certainly used to take it via Direct Debit. You only have poor old Mess Manageress to blame and pick up extras for late payment (She was a really crap Guard Commander tho'!)
  6. bit harsh G3Ops
  7. In my mess you get a £1.00 discount if you pay by Standing Order.
  8. I didn't realise they were trained.

    There should be a scheme where Sodhexo are fined for any breaches in contract or unacceptable service.

    If the scumbag serving your meal looks like he hasn't had a wash in six months log it.
    If the meal is sh1te log it.
    At the end of the month take a look at your log. Say a fiver for each entry.

    Why not make a log yourself GM. Then present it to the mess Manager/ess at the end of the month and mention that you are going to send these logs to her employers. Write a brief covering letter (an aggressive one would be best explaining the idea and exactly how sh1t you think they are.)

    You are paying for the food and service so it should be up to scratch. Sodhexo take the p1ss.
  9. When the contracts are written allowance is made for the 'removal' of contractors employees who do not come up to scratch. My adivce would be to make any complaints through the correct channels (PMC etc) and the Presiding Member can ask for the removal of individual employees.

    As for the 'holding back' of funds by the contractor. Once the bills are raised the money should be handed over to the unit/mess etc. If this is not done then they are in breach of contract. Again this should be reported through the correct channels and action taken.
  10. DBM how do they justify a surcharge, my mess were going to reduce it for DD aters until it was pointed out that it is not allowed, neither was a surcharge to those who did.
  11. I remember the misfortune i had being in a Sodexho mess a few years back. They owed us so much money that we didnt have enough in the kitty to cover some routine bills. The problem was that there was only 1 person in their organisation who was authorised to sign a cheque for the amount, and they were unavailable. They were truely terrible. The're also responsible for the shove 3 courses down your neck as quickly as possible culture that we are now in, just to avoid staff costs which are cripling.

    My current mess is managed by MITIE, i'm asured there not walts, and they take direct debits, cash cheques and do bar chits. So far we've had no problems with them.

    Point of interest, did anyone see the undercover documentary of hospital cleaning services that were managed by sodexho? Kind of revealed them for what they are, a bunch of cnuts. And their french. Nuff said.

  12. Not sure what the justification is. Surcharge was stipulated on the form and brought up during mess meeting by the badge. Not a loved system but it is handy especially as we're quite busy and OOB a lot. Means we can forget about writing cheques and worrying about extras for not paying mess bills.
  13. RTR Cpl's mess in Germany had the option of paying by direct debit, I believe seniors did as well. Worked great untill they F*£^"d up your mess bills and you had to be re-imbursed, or go back and pay more..
  14. Not harsh but very true. Sodexho are bigger cnuts then Big Cnuty McCnut from Cnutsville etc etc. Yet again civvies involved in green matters - cnuts all of them.

    Bitter and Twisted.

    P.S Sodexho are cnuts.
  15. How easy is it for bills to be paid by standing order, would I just need the sort code of my mess.

    Is it easy for the treasurer to administer a system like this?

    I always forget my cheque book, seems a bit out of date, only use them for mess and milkman bills.