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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Mar 4, 2003.

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  1. Great or gloomy?  How is it that the standard/size/quality of decor seems to vary from poor to OK.  Has anyone out there got a really nice officers' mess bar?  And can I visit?  :D
  2. We've got a great Mess, recently repainted throughout, and lovely period parquet flooring etc. I know what you mean - the chaps (and chapesses) down the road live in some sort of Travel Inn arrangement - ghastly!

    Oh, and the wearing of dresses and silly costumes by men is very much tolerated.

    Come and visit after Op TELIC!  ;)
  3. Buller Bcks - What the F*ck were they thinking?

    Gut - Fine bar now that all the Crab memorobilia is down. Is D**e the miserable manager still there?

    Larkhill - Modelled on a Holiday Inn

    PRB Deepcut - Ok I suppose (if you like blood on the walls [​IMG] )

    MW - Not to my taste
  4. MW - as in Wallop? Not to your taste why? Was that the AAC mess done up by a certain "wife-of" and her inspiration of colour? They got rid of the TV room (communal area - bit like a university common room, but hey, it was open to all) and replaced it with a Gentlemens Club. All very well, but no-one's allowed to go in there. Hmph. Well, that's what I was told, anyway.
  5. Get yourself round to Minley Manor for an example of an Officers' Mess at the top end of the spectrum.  Not only is it very tastefully decorated and located in superb surroundings, it is also frequented by some damned fine Sapper Officers to boot.

    They also have a cracking little pergoda out in the garden, specially built to allow for some high quality horizontal jogging without upsetting the other members/guests :D :D ;).

    If you fancy, I will book a couple of rooms/a room (delete as applicable) next time I am back in blighty. ;D
  6. Call me old fashioned but ... I thought that proper Regiments do not have bars and that officers order and are served their drinks in the ante room by the mess staff ?

    Also an officer does not buy another officer a drink.
  7. Minley truly is the best Ive visited, and the slope of the hill out the back allows for an excellent water slide to be constructed from plastic tarps and fairy liquid, ahh the ingenuity of sappers...
  8. I live in an RAF Mess, OK it doesn't have the same traditions and standards (!) as a Regt Mess and it's full of Blue Jobs, but.....

    They do spend wad loads of cash on functions, happy hours etc.  Mind you, with a membership of around 650 (120 livers in), it's not surprising.

    If you can bear the '2 winged master race' with inflated egos and front bergans animatedly recounting tales of daring do with their hands, sessions in the bar are pretty good!! ;D
  9. Blandford is as good laugh when you get drunk and "do" the beams, or when someone gets a dunking in the moat.  ;D
  10. Done both!! ;D

    Went to a dinner recently there which was absolutely top hole.  There was so much booze flowing at the table, i was pretty bladdered by the time we got up! ;D
  11. Mess bars? Have I wandered into an RTR thread?   ???
  12. 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment, Set in the original Lord Kitchner decor, lots of original paintings. Great atmosphere and most importantly a fealing of wow, some great things have happened in here. Look at the COs suite (open to all) to see hundreds of original plans that are nearly a century old, in original hand writing. The whole place is inspiring. Only down point is the entrance, more like the entrance to a kitchen porters door than is deserved of such a great place
  13. Have you not got a life?
  14. What's a damn fine Sapper Officer (apart from being an oxymoron) and will it run on XP?
  15. Correct, they have Sutling Rooms