Mess Ball Photographers

One of the problems I have face over the years is that I have had to get non-military photographers to assist or cover on mess functions whereas I would rather know people with experience of the mess that I can call on.

I have been giving seminars to people doing event photography for a number of years and only met 2 other ex-mess members that are doing this sort of function and many wanabees wanting to try to find a route in.

So 2 questions really; are you an ex-mess member or currently serving mess member doing mess photography - if you are please get in contact.

Second question is one for all mess members - what is wrong or right with the mess photography you are currently getting or what would you like to get as a service that you do not currently get.
I've sent you a PM with a link to a pal on Face book.He's a mess member and a good photographer.
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