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Right, this is my first post here, so go easy on me :)

I'd like advise on where I stand with regards to being a member of a Sgt's Mess.

As far as I can see reading Queens Regs, I am required to be a member of a Sgt's Mess and pay subscriptions. I cannot find it written anywhere that I must attend any functions etc.

I have to say straight away this has nothing whatsoever to do with money, but everything to do with:

1. I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be a Mess member. As far as I am concerned it is a private club like any private club and that's all it is.

2. I have my own social life and my own friends, and should not be forced as an adult to waste what little spare time I have in the company of people with whom I have absolutely no interest whatsoever.

3. I hate feeling that I have to lie on function returns - I should be able to say "Because I don't want to come" and leave it at that.

4. I hate the way that I get so stressed about hating the Mess! It's pathetic!

I'd love to just go and discuss this with my RSM but he would absolutely freak. I am also very concerned about what action could be taken against me if I refuse to attend functions etc.

I'd really like to get my facts straight before I do anything.

What is the best course of action - I simply cannot just put up with it for another X amount of years...  :'(

Please help!


Most of us aspire to be in the sergeants mess.  You should be happy to be a part of such tradition.  If you dont like it then i suggest you become a full screw again.  Been a SNCO has its responsibilities i suggest you think about this before tipping up at the RSMs office with your stupid excuses.
Do me a favour!

You are living in the Dark Ages my friend. The world has moved on, and the Army needs to drop this sort of outdated rubbish.

I do not know why anyone should aspire to be a member of the Sgt's Mess - all I ever concern myself with is going to work, doing my work and then coming home. I have no interest in spending anymore of my time then necessary in a work environment. This is a job not a lifestyle.
Ah fuck it - I'm just going to refuse to attend full stop. If I get charged then I'll act like a dyke and take the MOD to the ECoHR.
yeah why not grow your hair long Dye it and get your nose & tongue pierced.



Oye low rider, stop winging get in there and have a laugh you tight git. Either that, or become a sad pathetic twat, and anyway think of the extra money as a Senior rank.
Oye low rider, stop winging get in there and have a laugh you tight git. Either that, or become a sad pathetic twat, and anyway think of the extra money as a Senior rank.
What extra money? It's a joke...
Fcuk me how things have changed for the worse!!

Wrong you fcucking idiot, it is a vocation, not a job. You want a job where you can bitch all day like a little fcucking girl, go join the fire brigade.

Shut the fuk up you clown - the Army is a better place without dinosaurs like you!
LOL :)

I am committed to my job, I even like my job (not many can say that reading these forums obviously). I just see my job ending when I walk out the office.
Thats a fair cop, but the Camp will have had a Sgts Mess long before you got there, I f you don't like it there are plenty of jobs down Civvy Strasse where you dont have to get involved with a mess at all.
I’ll give you your due, if you have no interest in being a member of the Sgt’s Mess, well I can’t see the point in you being forced to go, BUT, I’d like to be a fly on the wall when you march in front of the RSM and tell him this.  After he’s done a back flip, you’ll probably find yourself on duty every time there’s a mess do, or most weekends.  You’re stuck with a tradition, which isn’t going to change.  I’m lost at why you never aspired to work your way up so as to make it into the mess?  Surely you must have realised this early on?  Is there another reason, maybe you don’t want to attend this particular mess?

And good luck with the razzman.  What type of person is he?  We can take guesses on this thread as to the outcome !  



Are you AGC by any chance  ??? Or just a complete wet arrse.

Get a grip of yourself, better still get someone to do it for you as it doesn't appear that you have it in you.

I pity the JNCOs you are responsible for, where is your drive and ambition?

Running off to the EcoHR shows a complete lack of spine, perhaps you should leave and become a social worker or join the fire Brigade. ;D
Of Regimental Dinners and the like.....can anyone give me a sound, rational reason behind the "no going for a píss until an adult says so" rule....

WTF is all that about?

Or a case/bottle o' port 'cos I put the port down on the table or passed it the wrong way?.....yeah, right - I'd like to see them try that one on me!!!

The Mess and Mess Functions are fine but these, and many other outdated, wanky rules are what spoils them.
Some sad people really bit when they saw this piss take coming. Low Rydah - good one, you caught some senior arrse bods. Now piss of and do somthing constructive with your life - like DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LR, You can always go to the functions and drink tonic water, orange juice, or some other girls drink. You poof!


You should realise that the Army is a way of life not just a job.  If you just want a job, go work in MCDonalds or something.

It's PC, left wing pinko twats like LR who are eroding the Armies traditions and turning it into the collection of whinging sprogs that it is today.

Sod Brussels, sod the PC brigade, bring back the values of Corps, Queen and Country and turn this Army back into the finest fighting force the world has ever seen!!!


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