Mesopotamia, Egypt and the RA


After my nan passed away last year, various items came to light from the old and bold of the family.. Compasses from WW1, Sam Brownes of the same Era, medals, MIDs and... a handkerchief.

A bit of researching shew my Gt Gt Grandfather to have served in the Service Corps. He 'did' Mesopotamia and following picking up an 'injury' was moved out to Egypt to recover. Dunno what the injury was. Anyways, Going thru the possessions I came across the Handky (see pics in gallery)

First I.A. as an Engr, was going to be blow me nose on it, as it not only was a handky, it had R.A. written all over it! Double bonus!! :p Anyway, I thought better of it.

Im trying to find out anything about it really. It has been embroidered rather well, we are tying it down to when Gt GT GDad was recouperating, but whether it was gifted to him or was done by him, I guess only He knows. He later went on to serve in the R.E. so it's doubtful it was some sort of 'fetish' thing for the R.A. he had going.. :wink:

Anyone shed any light on the design on it? the blue circles either side of the RA badge have F in the left and H in the righthand one. I have no clue at all about those? Some one might?

Next thing is, where's the best place to send it to? I dont really want it to go to the IWM, I'd rather it went to the relevant Museum or something.


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