Merville Battery

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Run_Charlie!, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got any good gen on the Merville Battery?
  2. Was there a few years ago - there's a pretty good museum, and a gun or two still emplaced. Well worth a visit, as is the whole area. Not quite sure what kind of gen you're after... bibliography? Photos? For the first, 'By Air To Battle' is a good place to start.
  3. Loads, however i refer you to the Battleground book Pegasus bridge/merville battery by carl shilleto, however as i dont know what your after and im not going to write out 20 pages, maybe it would be better to ask what do you want to know.
  4. Tend to agree with scarletto, trick - in what way?

    Quite a few books from various perspectives, while on the vid side there's a particular docu written and presented by Charles Wheeler, (a Normandy Veteran), which makes some very clear points.


    edited to add the episode may be called 'Turn of the Tide', but not sure?
  5. I've got a presentation to prepare on the Merville Battery, for a battlefield tour I'm going on in Normandy.

    It's a vague question I know but I have to research the air force side of things. Also about leadership, tactical thinking etc, and Lt Col Otway.
  6. Thanks trick, I'm sure you'll get the specifics you're after.

  7. Are you by any chance at AFC Harrogate?

    I can recommend the short pamphlet that you can buy from the museum at Merville Battery called "Get in Get in"

    "The Day the Devils Dropped in" The history of 9th Battalion the Parachute Regiment in Normandy is very good and has more detail than Carl Shillito

    For the air side you might like to look at the following:

    The RAF site is under development but the old site has a lot of detail about air operations over Normandy - mission by mission

    This is the US view of air power over Normandy
  8. No, I'm a crab. But don't let that put you off! It's a weeks battlefield tour, I did one in the Falklands and am keen to do Normandy.
  9. This sounds like a Staff Ride of some sort.

    What is the RAF angle you are looking to take?

    One problem with Merville Battery and Hillman, the other well known preserved battery in the British Area, is that neither are shining advertisments for the effectiveness of aerial bombardment!

    You might find the OR study of the effectiveness of bombing on ground targets of some use. You can find them in "Montgomery's Scientists: Operational Research in Northwest Europe: The Work of No. 2 Operational Research Section with 21 Army Group, June 1944 to July 1945."
  10. Staff Ride, yes that's the badger!

    I've got to look at the effectiveness of air power in Normandy....
  11. Thanks all for the help :)