Merville Battery Hero

I was lucky enough to be at the 50th anniversary event at Merville. Lieutenant Colonel Otway and many other veterans were there. A fantastic day.
"Capon's platoon, originally 32 strong but by then reduced to seven, had the task of destroying Number One gun. He charged over the uneven ground, zig-zagging as he went, in the hope of avoiding the crossfire. There were screams and explosions and shouts of 'Mines!'"

...Incredible. I jumped at the 60th anniversary, met a couple of vets but obviously the number of old boys are slowly dewindling.
RIP fellas.
DC1, Jumped there too. Vets were outrageous. How do they 'kin drink & sing till gone my bed time at their age? God bless 'em!
RIP Sid,

I jumped into Normandy for the 50th in '94.
The vets were so 'Matter of fact' about their heroics,

True, true heroes
Very humbling.

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