Merville Battery Hero

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sheiky_Boy, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. I was lucky enough to be at the 50th anniversary event at Merville. Lieutenant Colonel Otway and many other veterans were there. A fantastic day.
  2. Been there myself. Nice little museum there. What a task them lads were given......and acomplished!
  3. Could well have saved my Granddad's life (he was landing on Sword with 1st South Lancashires, part of 3 Inf Div).

    Thanks Sid, rest in peace mate.
  4. "Capon's platoon, originally 32 strong but by then reduced to seven, had the task of destroying Number One gun. He charged over the uneven ground, zig-zagging as he went, in the hope of avoiding the crossfire. There were screams and explosions and shouts of 'Mines!'"

    ...Incredible. I jumped at the 60th anniversary, met a couple of vets but obviously the number of old boys are slowly dewindling.
    RIP fellas.
  5. You said it all DWTD.
  6. DC1, Jumped there too. Vets were outrageous. How do they 'kin drink & sing till gone my bed time at their age? God bless 'em!
  7. RIP Sid,

    I jumped into Normandy for the 50th in '94.
    The vets were so 'Matter of fact' about their heroics,

    True, true heroes
    Very humbling.