Merv The Swerve Dead

Gutted, and the day before a hopefully historic rugby match.

At least we'll get the chance to give him a good send off on Saturday.

I can truly say I am gutted at this news.

Always had a soft spot for Merv as he genuinely seemed a nice bloke, and having his career cut short during the greatest period of Welsh rugby must have been devastating for him.

Tomorrows game will be even more poignant now.
Hopefully the boys on the pitch can give him the send off he deserves.

Cymru Am Byth, Merv.
Great shame, I had the honour of knowing him during my time in the lower ranks of London Welsh. Like all the other internationals there, he just got stuck into the training with no airs & graces, the same as the rest of us lesser mortals. I know he had quite a few problems following his brain haemorrhage in the 70's.
Methinks there will be many other players of the golden era of Welsh Rugby (late 60's/70's) not long behind him as they are nearly all in their 70's now!!
Lets hope the current mob do him proud tomorrow against the French!!
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