I'm pretty sure that the Lynx C/S in South Armagh were carrying "giving sets", and that was in 1997 and they were AAC. Well it's what we were always told when we were there.
They were.

I got trained on A100 sets in 99. Hartmanns/compound sodium lactate. Sodium Chloride and Heamocell.

A 2RGJ chap dripped himself on the course. Even more impressive, he was hung over.


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She was also featured in a documentary episode I remember watching

Frontline Medicine: Survival

Seems the can't get enough of the lime light these days
The documentary was made in 2011. The piece in the Paper Which May Not Be Named came out 4years later.

I was involved with the BBC team who made it.

Like others who have posted , I met Charlie in theatre.

To me ,she seemed one of the more self effacing members of the team.

MERT saved literally hundreds of British,Afghan and American lives on Op Herrick.

If you were alive when you were put on the ac, you had a better than 90% chance of getting to the Role 3 alive.

I take my hat off to everyone who served on MERT, from the pilots to the protection teams as well as the Defence Medical Service folk.
Difficult, dirty and dangerous work.
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