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  1. This is a blatant wah, and I should know it, but in Iraq, who makes up the IRT team? Branch and trade details please!
  2. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the MERT teams are staffed by the RAF.
  3. RAF Asset = RAF Staff, not an Army asset! If you want to do MERT/IRT should have joined the RAF.
  4. Why do you call it a MERT team, when clearly the T stands for team. You are therefore calling it a Medical Emergency Response Team Team.......

    Anywhay, they are not exclusively staffed by the RAF, at least not here in Afghan anyway
  5. Damn, I made the same mistake I criticise people for making, like WMD's. Weapons of Mass Destructions?? Realy? Anyway, I am joining the RAF, I just wanted to check, because I'd heard that the Teams are made up of RAF Paramedic, RAF Nurses and Army Doctors. I was wrong, and cheers!
  6. the MERT / IRT consists of three parts.

    1 = Aircrew (pilots & loadies)
    2 = MERT (Medics / Doctors, from whatever service is in theater)
    3 = IRT (Army (pref Infantry)/ Marines, to provide protection for the others whilst the frame is on the ground).

    hope that answers your question.

  7. Probably for the same reason that the COP platoons were called, well...COP platoons!!
  8. And people refer to IS (information system) system
  9. Don't forget Personal PIN Number. Never got why poeple call it that.

    Carnage hit the nail on the head. I was providing Inf cover for them, th enedic teams were drawn from across the services. It was quite popular and lots of poeple wanted to have a go. Sitting in thet bloody hut for 12 hours playing risk is less fun though.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Times article from earlier this year linked in Arrsepedia HERE

  11. Perhaps you should hold fire until you know what you are talking about :roll:
  12. well where do i begin?

    IRT stands for incident response team. so unless the RAF has became the lead service for EOD, and force protection then the RAF only has a monopoly on the airframe and the medical side of things

    Whilst i am unsure that the MERT is an RAF asset the fact remains that i have personally know of at least 3 CMT 's who have been part of the MERT on OP HERRICK 7.

    The thing that annoys me most about your statement is that when ever the subject of deploying comes around the RAF are among the first to complain about frequency and duration. Yet they hang onto to the MERT with grim death maybe if you allowed the army to do it you wouldnt have to deploy so much. Because as it sits right now the RAF has nothing to complain about.
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  14. Both Belize and Bruni opperate FAME (Foward AeroMedical Evacuation). This is an AAC flown Bell 212 with a crew of Plane comander, Pilot, Winch opperater, Doctor/Nurse, Medic.

    This crew is only made up of Army and all medical personel are fully winch trained. This is somthig that RAF medic's / nurses are not. To prove the importance of this aspect, two QA's winch rescued 8 pax over water durring Tropical Storm Arthur this year. This was the first time such a rescue of this nature has ever taken place in Belize.
  15. I bet you're right - 2 QAs being winched anywhere would be a first! lol!!


    Surprised you got 2 in a helicopter!