Merseyside plans dog amnesty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Amnesty on illegal dogs
    Amnesty on illegal dogs
    'Get Them Off The Streets'
    Updated: 07:25, Friday January 05, 2007

    Merseyside's police chief is planning an "illegal dog" amnesty following the death of Ellie Lawrenson.

    The five-year-old was mauled to death by a pit bull dog - banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act - at her grandmother's home in St Helens, on New Year's Day.

    Merseyside police are also investigating whether pit bull terriers are being illegally bred for fighting in the town, Sky News has learnt.....,,30000-1246072,00.html

    These dogs are used by a lot of thugs as status symbols & ,especially over here in N.I,Guard dogs.But I cant see the likes of Jonny 'mad dog' Adair or his son ,mad pup giving up the 'family pet' that easily,can you?
  2. Hopefully not

    I think that atthe end of the amnesty the police have a crackdown and nick anyone not complying with the law
  3. LOL that'll work about as well as all the firearms and knife amnesties.
    When are you Neu Arbeit cretins going to realize that criminals don't obey laws or hand stuff in during amnesties?
  4. dog amnesty
    pitbull thing aka shark ona leash is found, shot on spot, job done!
  5. Hmmmmm

    Check my post, when someone says "hopefully not" it would generally mean that the poster is agreeing with the premise of the post they quoted - in this case that the tossers who have these dogs are NOT going to hand them in. My point is is that it will give the police a bone fide reason for locking the little sh1ts up.

    Please try and concentrate
  6. Johnny Adair keeps alsations, not pitbulls.

    So do these dogs have to hand themselves in to the police or what???

    It aint the dog, its the owner who makes the dog dangerous, lets see drug dealer owner teaches pitbull to roll over, carry sticks and wear animal outfits, or does he teach pitbull to be a raving looney to bite said drug dealers customers who dont pay???

    Dont blame the dog which has been mistrained or doing what comes naturally, blame the owner who teaches dog to be akiller, or mistreats it so it becomes a killer
  7. Aw and you dashed my hopes I thought it was to round up the munters who walk up and down County Rd in Walton in their "jammys" during the day :x
  8. Well for what it is worth I gather Wayne Rooney has already tried to drop Coleen McLoughlin off at a Liverpool Police Station.
  9. So did I! Theres far too may of them hanging round Somerfield and the County Cafe, drooling and baring there teeth at you as you walk past them, now thats scary!
  10. I was lucky just used to drive by them. Mind you They should make a start on Everton Brow doing some work up there during the day and my mate got propositioned by a hooker :p
  11. ...and you naively think they will really investigate and lock ppl up for it.
  12. That's why 8 dogs were confiscated earlier this week.

    This isn't what I call concentration :roll:
  13. ... and after the token rounding up of the few usual suspects what do you think will happen to this particular 'eye catching initiative' :roll:
  14. This was only done to show the gullible general public that something is being done. Once it's forgotten about (around next week!) nothing more will be done.

    You can't be that naive to think the police will pursue this for any period of time!
  15. How do you plan to have this amnesty?

    A large box outside a police station that you just drop your fighting ball of fur and teeth into?

    I wouldnt mind going to watch that? A load of fighting dogs thrown in a cage with one another. There might even be room for a wager!