Merseyside Branch RTRA

Discussion in 'RAC' started by baz0927, May 31, 2008.

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  2. Just around the corner from me but alas Cavalry not a tankie.
    Good luck though. :D
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  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I'm sure they would love to have you along, even if it's just to serve the drinks :lol: .
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  6. ex cavalry people can join the RTR Association as " associate members". You dont' join the associasion as such but do join the branch that you attend, It is an ideal way of joining an " RAC" group in your area . The cavalry associations tend to have only annual functions, the RTR get pissed monthly!!. The Bournemouth & Poole Branch have a number of ex cavalry as members and they don't have to renounce their cavalry loyalty.
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  8. <Drums fingers & watches inbox>
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  10. I'm just a tad confused................which is not unusual these days! but are you the same RTR Association branch that is being posted on other thread?
    or are you party to the split.
    See my post on other thread.
    Although I served in the Queens Bays and 1st.KDG I am a full member of the London branch of the RTR association, on the strength of two whole weeks with 2RTR in 51 on 'Z' Reserve recall. :?
  11. My certificate of qualifications and job description were stamped by Terms of service clerk 1st Royal Tank Regiment 01/12/1993 and signed by LC P Gilchrist at Tidworth,does that count as membership ?, I am ex 17th/21st Lancers,QRL
  12. Umm is it true that someones thrown teddies from pram at the Merseyside RTRA ???? Because i know one of the veterans there, and he aint fecking happy about something thats happened there.

    Knew this from bout a week ago.
  13. The original post was in NAAFI bar and named as 'merseyside rtra', it's still there.
  14. Presumably,you'll be the ones wearing black denims.Good luck anyway,might swagger in wearing my 'Cherries'.
  15. Don't let the greasy blackclad oiks rub up against your Cherries. In fact you should drink in the lounge bar and throw peanuts through to them. :lol: