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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by tebagagap, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Hey,

    Just wondering if any Arrsers out there are AI's in Merseyside ACF. Am enquiring for an ex army mate (left in 97) who would like a no BS chat about becoming an AI. (PMs would be appreciated)



    PS Mod, will let you know when i have found someone so you can get rid of the thread. Thanks.
  2. An old mate of mine is now an ACF Instructor in the MACF.
  3. ive got a few muckers in MACF who ya after mate?
  4. beret & in fact & apart & an Emperor :wink:
  5. fair one ive got mong spelling! kick me while am down aye hahaha Get my kit done butler
  6. get yourself firefox 2 it does your spelling for you :D
    oh and don't forget the extra p in apart

    p.s. I spent 6 years at endbutt lane ACF Crosby, loved every minute though I did get hit by a ricochet at Altcar.
  7. Endbutt lane ACF, is now badged Mick Guards, was RA....I think. How Long ago where you in? I think theres one or too people still knockin round who used to be there awhile ago like.

    I work at Altcar, how long ago you get hit, it bad like?
  8. I was no1 troop Royal Artillery from 1973 until 1979 when I joined the Blues & Royals. My OC was Ron Towler The rest fades a little (hard life)
    The ricochet occurred in the butts ii was indicating targets with a stick :roll: and a 303 round ricoched off a metal frame and gave me a 3 inch scar (warry) on my left shoulder blade spent 3 hours in Walton hozzi just waiting to be seen :D
  9. I know there was a fella in the Endbutt lane RA unit, Peter Wearing? you might of been there before his time like, hes now the Coy CO like.

    Bet that scar is a good pulling story for the woman when ya out aye haha!
  10. was in endbutt as well with Ron Hill - enjoyable days
  11. some other PS names I remember were Ray Hirons went to grace rd para and sgt leeson Ferguson A female instructor. oh the grey matter is working overtime also sgt ted bone (t bone) . remembrance Parades at the 5 lamps and Marching through the city center for the lord mayor. We nearly closed once because there were hardly any cadets so we all hit the streets and dragged a load of scallies in with the promise of guns explosives and a regular punch up with the ATC next door. a lot of them stayed and some even joined the army. If I ever move back home I would love to "give a little back" it is such a worthwhile organisation.
  12. I've never herd of any of them while ive been in! We still do the remberance parade at the 5 lamps and the lord mayors parade too, both good days like. The ATC are still next door too, wont rid of them tho haha!
  13. duplicate post
  14. hello Mick piper
    I would edit or put xxxx over the name of the Major, nobody should really be named for PERSEC reasons.
    the only time you should name somebody is if that name is in the public domain i.e. by newspapers, TV News.
  15. yes