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Merseyside ACF Memories: 1998-2001

Jetwave_Dave said:
Has anyone on arrse been in the Merseyside ACF from around 1998 to 2001?, I have posted this thread so we can talk about old memories etc.
Not quite.
I was in the RA ACF at endbutt lane for 6 years untill 1979 when I joined the Army. We won the drill comp that year too.(79)
Nobody believed that my ACF basic was harder than my Junior leaders training :D
Whats Altcar like these days?
I remember when the red rose club was a wooden hut 8O
Altcar...that brings back some memories. From about 1973 onwards until I took the Queens shilling in 78. Had many a bruised shoulder from spending all day on the ranges firing the .303. When I took the plunge and joined up to earn less than the minimum wage, I was gobsmacked at how the training glossed over training the ACF had drummed in to us day in day out for years.
the_butler said:
Whats Altcar like these days?
I remember when the red rose club was a wooden hut 8O
altcar still have a Fibua village near the beach, also the Red Rose is now a brick building, very good drinkies too , There is a Mixed Mess at ACF HQ, however if you find Mess Nights a bit too much you at least have teh Red Rose to go to and chat to different faces :)
The Fibua village is still there and lookin good as ever, and so is the Red Rose! Hey if you get fed up with the ACF or the Rose, these alwase the Hightown...
Only just come across this thread. I was a cadet in Merseyside ACF from 1991 to 1995, first in 3 Sigs, Huyton and then in 3 Kings, Kirkby. From 1995 to 2005 I was an AI in ARE, Birkenhead, 3 Cheshire, Bromborough, HQ Kings, Norris Green, (V Kings) Liverpool Scottish, Score Lane/Edge Lane and finally in 1 RAMC, Childwall.
God, we used to have Scouse ACF over to visit the Skins in the late '80s/early '90s. We had to bolt down almost literally everything.

One of the little darlings had had away a Chieftain cam net (why & how not specified) & we couln't understand what possible use they had for some of the kit they lifted...

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