Merseyside ACF 1991 to 2005

Hi all,

I was a cadet in Merseyside ACF from 1990 to 1995 (gained the rank of Sgt) first in 3 Sigs, Huyton, then 1 REME, Deysbrook (which became 1 Sigs then closed) and finally 3 Kings, Kirkby and then an AI from 1995 to 2006 in ARE, Birkenhead, then 3 Cheshire, Bromborough (twice!! It closed after about 3 months in 1995 then reopened with a different DC about 3 months later, and all this time I was sat twiddling my thumbs!), then a move back to Liverpool where I became 2 IC of HQ Kings, Townsend Ave, then to V Kings (Liverpool Scottish) first at Score Lane and then Edge Lane (which used to be 1 Para) and then finally as a 2nd Lt with 1 RAMC at Childwall.
I would love to hear from anyone who was around then or even from now to discuss how things have changed.
I was a gobshite cadet at A RE in Birkenhead or 4 years until the beginning of 1989 when it all went horribly wrong for me by leaving to become a Junior Leader RE :thumright:. It was a good little detachment and had a good rep through the county. Mind you, I was one of the lucky ones not to be touched up by T V. Maybe I was too ugly!
Why, was the fact you no longer needed 6 fingered gloves for your unit cadets confusing?
I joined the 1 Para unit in Grace road in 91 which then changed to 2 Sigs in Long Lane in 93. I then transferred to 1 RTR in Altcar and then finished as a 4 Star Sgt in 6 Kings in Walton in 96. I joined the regulars later on that year.
I probably knew you. I left as a cadet SGT in August 95 and became an adult early 96. If I remember right 95 was when we were still in 3 companies wasn't it? Where we had units from all over the place in the same company.
Nope! It was that I went from rough arsed little tosspots to cadets who were quite pleasant and easy to deal with.
Things must have changed when they let females into that unit, during my time we were a bunch of complete cnuts and there were moves made on a couple of occasions to exclude us from anny camp. Happy days :)
There was one camp (think it was 92) where all the C Company coaches pulled in at the services together closely followed by A Coy. About 15 minutes later there were a couple of police cars and the adults had to get back onto the coaches and tell us we would all be sent home (this was on the way to camp) if the contents of the shop weren't handed back.
Next thing there were boxes of crisps, ice creams, sweets, ciggies piled up next to the coaches and we were allowed on our way. They must have emptied the bloody place!
The thieving little gits did the same in Southwaite services heading home from annual camp in Stirling in 1995. I was a Merseyside SI from 93-96. I was at Kingos in Kirkby, 2 Sigs, and RLC in Anfield. ;)
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