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MERS Coronavirus warning


I reckon loads will avoid getting tested in NZ so they don't end up in a quarantine facility.

Anders Tegnell reckons no country has ever successfully prevented an epidemic through closing borders, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run for NZ.

I find the idea of quarantine camps incredibly disturbing. Will be interesting to see how much authoritarianism the kiwis will put up with when the virus does eventually get into the general population. Even if the earliest vaccines are successful it will still be another 6 months minimum before any large scale inoculations.
We weren't talking about you; we were discussing the lockdown and covid child deaths.

You reckon early shielding protected them, meaning we had less than 20 child deaths.

I pointed out that the lockdown happened too late and the damage was already done by the time it was introduced; shielding didn't start for the vast majority of 1.5 million who needed it till late March when the letters went out.

Your scenario only applies to you, not the 1.5 million people who received their letters in late march.


are you being deliberately obtuse?

the Doctors were protecting their patients LONG before the Government lockdown
Quarantine camps for New Zealand for those who're tested positive (and their close family):

Several months ago I posted about quarantine facilities being used in Canada to contain people being repatriated from cruise ships. Additional ones were set up later for people who won't cooperate with self-isolation. You will probably find something similar in most other countries as well.
Now official that smoking (including vaping) has been banned throughout Spain in public places where the 2m distance can't be maintained. That includes on bar and restaurant terraces as well as in the street.

Nightclubs, discos and so on have been closed again. Bars and restaurants can remain open until 1am but no entry allowed after midnight. Considering the Spanish don't eat their evening meal until about 10 pm (they work to 8pm, get home, changed and out) in the Summer that could cut the number of sittings down. Plus the discos and nightclubs in the town near us never opened until 1am anyway.

12 deaths in the last 24 hours of which 8 are in Catalonia (again). Number of cases going up and up yet again and family gatherings have been limited to 10. Police now actively going round checking the distance between tables at restaurants and the number of people which has again been restricted to 60% of occupancy.

Big meeting today with all the health ministers of all the regions where these restrictions were agreed. Government Minister of Health claims all the cases are well controlled and hospitals and ICU are not under pressure as they were when the number of cases was the same back in April. Back then, everyone tested showed symptoms but they are now testing random people. Those between 15 and 45 are getting SMS messages to invite them for testing and people visiting residential homes have to have a PCR test as negative before being allowed with just one person at a time.

Most cases have been blamed on itinerant workers (sharing accommodation), family groups (August, everyone bugs out of inland towns and visits relatives on the coast or have a second home there) and youngsters getting together for parties and not obeying the mask or distancing rules. Botellones (big bottles as they are called) are groups of the younger lot getting together for street parties and these have now been banned,

The Madrid police still raided a disco where 600 of them were congregating and the Catalonia police caught huge groups in secluded coves by the beaches where they could try and skip police attention.

30,000 euro (half the maximum) fine for the disco organisers and those attending got smaller fines.
So I see NZ is going full dictatorship.

Its election year NZ ;)

I suppose these being likened to Coronavirus concentration camps is a bit strong. Quarantine facilities sounds a bit better.
Mind you, the Valencian Community took over 2 hotels in Benidorm a couple of weeks ago where anyone testing positive (or failing one of the incomers tests of temperature, visual checking and documentation) would be quarantined. Paid for by the community so I suppose being locked up in an all inclusive 4 star hotel for a couple of weeks wouldn't be too bad, even if they are in Benidorm. Then again.....Benidorm.......
To no one's great surprise, the Canada-US border closure will remain in place for at least another month. The order keeping the border closed is renewed monthly.
Canada-U.S. border will remain closed until Sept. 21

People on the American side of the border are not happy with the situation as they are losing tourism business, but re-opening the border is a political non-starter in Canada so long as infection is raging out of control south of the border.

There's not much beyond that in the story.
The NZ opposition party are criticising the government for not having strict enough quarantine.

Of course they're going to. Given that NZ are the current world league table corvid winners, they can't argue that the gov has been shit during the crisis and score political points that way.

So they're hoping that the coronavirus will get a grip in NZ; the virus loves a virgin population to take a bite out of; and then they can say 'told you so' and blame Adern and co for not being tough enough.


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