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We almost had conventional war in the middle east mind....

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Did we?

I listen to the news at 1pm and 5pm and read the Times at the weekend but never heard about a potential ME war.

Any chance of elaborating.
Canada has extended the ban on large cruise ships until the end of October. This ban covers ships carrying more than 100 passengers and crew. In the Arctic the limit is 12 passengers.
Ottawa extends large cruise ship ban until October to limit COVID-19 spread
Ships smaller than the 100 passengers and crew limit will still have to comply with any provincial and local health unit regulations which may restrict or ban them further.

This regulation does not affect ferries and ships without overnight accommodation who are however subject to other social distancing regulations.

This announcement would appear to pretty much rule out any large cruise ships operating in Canadian waters until next year at the earliest.


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What's next after this then? We had floods, we have had plague? What next?

Asking for a mate so he knows what to stock up on before the shelves empty
well...the Rapture obvs....stock up on false profits.....
Pax apparently did a test, then boarded plane from Madrid to Gran Canaria ...finds out in flight (assuming he’s was using air WiFi on his smart phone) that he’s positive = 140 pax quarantined as soon as wheels down.

Pax apparently did a test, then boarded plane from Madrid to Gran Canaria ...finds out in flight (assuming he’s was using air WiFi on his smart phone) that he’s positive = 140 pax quarantined as soon as wheels down.

That certainly wasn't planned at all...
The following news story is generally about changes in how deaths are counted in Russia, but it also brought up some rather interesting points about the situation in Russia that I haven't seen discussed elsewhere.
Russia expands stats on coronavirus-related deaths after criticism
Russians have a much lower life expectancy than people in Western Europe, so the older people in western countries who form such a large part of the death toll simply don't exist in Russia in the same numbers as they are already dead from other causes. If you drink yourself into an early grave you don't end up getting old enough to be a prime candidate for the COVID-19 Grim Reaper.

Alexei Raksha, an independent demographer who analyzes government statistics, said Russians have a much lower average life expectancy compared to people in the West, so the older generation that the virus hit hardest in Europe simply isn't there. Russians also have lower incomes and don't have a habit of socializing in public places — such as co-working spaces, widespread in New York, and restaurants.
I asked Google for life expectancy figures for some countries in Europe, and got the following:
  • Spain 83.33 years.
  • Italy: 83.24 years.
  • France 82.52 years.
  • Belgium: 81.44 years.
  • UK: 81.16 years.
  • Russia: 72.12 years.
  • Romania: 75.31 years.
  • Serbia: 76.09 years.

On average, Italians and Spaniards live more than a decade longer than Russians. Romania and Serbia are a bit better than Russia, but not by much. The UK, France, and Belgium are not far off from Italy and Spain in terms of life expectancy.

Here's the same list of countries in terms of deaths per million from COVID-19 so far:
  • Spain 580
  • Italy: 550
  • France 440
  • Belgium: 814
  • UK: 562
  • Russia: 30
  • Romania: 65
  • Serbia: 28

I've not seen this association between national life expectancy and national mortality from COVID-19 mentioned before, and would suggest that it's a point to keep more of an eye on if any reliable source elaborates on these factors further.
Meanwhile in India, monkeys steal WuFlu tests and samples.
Meanwhile in India, monkeys steal WuFlu tests and samples.
I blame Earth. He got tired of being a tire change engineer...


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Sure this virus is real and if you're compromised health-wise you don't want to get it, BUT:

  • the authorities — some of which I'm as sure as I can be as behind-the-scenes, directive, and hidden while instructing politicians and health authorities throughout much of the world to talk and act in the same way — overplayed their hand.
  • in terms of their game plan they were too fast, too clumsy, and underestimated the ability of regular people (and many professionals) to see through what was happening.
  • It's very clear to me now that the damage to individual finances, jobs, mental health, physical health, families and relationships (all too often), small and even medium-sized businesses, and economy as a whole in many nations, FAR OUTWEIGHS the damage caused by the virus. It's just slam-dunk obvious. There's now a very loud chorus of well-informed people who are saying that publicly, and they're not going to stop.
However, some things have come to light because of this, and that's a good thing:
  • The malfeasance ("wrongdoing, especially by a public official") of the WHO has been laid bare and is in full view.
  • Similarly for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of whom overplayed their hand in blatant censorship of good people trying to share often quite reasonable viewpoints and information. Ditto the Guardian Opinion page. That'll never be forgotten.
  • And look at what the US Federal Reserve has been doing... it's a trillion-dollar money grab, Robin Hood in reverse. (I'd predict the backlash will be in a couple years' time.)
  • Individuals, too, have come into the spotlight, and rightly so. That spotlight now shines on: Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Jerome Powell (head of the Fed), Anthony Fauci, Dr Robert Redfield (head of the CDC). And on the other side of the world, Xi Jinping (of course).
  • China is exposed for what they really are, too.

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