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A rather unexpected (to me) side effect of the current situation is that weather forecasts are predicted to become less accurate.
A pandemic side-effect: Weather forecasts may become less accurate

Apparently a good deal of metrological data is reported by commercial aircraft during their trips, and used in weather predictions. As air travel has plummeted, much less data is being collected to feed into metrological models for forecasts.

The effects are not expected to be huge, just a few percent, but it's an interesting example of unexpected side effects.
It's a shame that many weather ships were removed.
Is COVID-19 politically biased?

Deaths compared with voting in the 2019 GE

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Shouldn't really be answering a PhotEx post, but... strange times etc

Do a rural/urban comparison first, then a political affiliation.

Social distancing is easier in the countryside, neh?
I didn't bother reading the rest of your post after reading that.

Too busy laughing.

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Should people be out running on public footpaths and subjecting everyone they pass to a dose of their aerosol laden breath and potential sweat droplets ?
I'm amazed at the amount of youngsters out dressed in PT kit but patently not doing any phys. I wonder what's going on . . .

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I'm amazed at the amount of youngsters out dressed in PT kit but patently not doing any phys. I wonder what's going on . . .

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Ron hills? Female? Near the patch?
This is quite disturbing


If you cannot get your information accurate, how are you going to be able to judge when the best time is to relax the lockdown

Surely the NHS should have got a grip on the collating of the stats , changes to the way the numbers have been collated have twice been changed since this event started ??



I can imagine panic in the refugee camps, and it all going downhill from there.
There is a report in this morning's FT from the huge camp at Cox's Bazaar where those expelled from Myarmar (Burma) are eking out a miserable existance on the Bangladesh border. Apparently the internet coverage has been switched off "to prevent rumours". It will also stop embarrassing coverage of what happens there.


Reference this video;

I had another look at this week's numbers;

There is the first, small but definite fall in the rate of increase in confirmed cases. Thus it would appear that the Government's measures are starting to have an effect but nothing like what has been achieved in Asia.


The ratio of deaths to confirmed cases appears to have stabilised over the last three weeks which tends to indicate that the NHS efforts are being effective.


Weekly deaths (all causes) has not shown the normal decline at this time of year or to put it another way we are showing an excess number of about 1100 in the week ending 27th March. The Covid19 death numbers separately reported are 3972 so there is still a lot of substitution. Also the Government measures may well be reducing deaths from other causes.

All this is merely my view of the situation and feel free to add or disagree. While the virus has not been beaten it certainly looks as if it is not as out of control as it was. Perhaps it is "the end of the beginning"


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Hampshire is Blue Tory except for Pompey and Scumhampton..... most cases in Hampshire are in… Pompey and Scumhampton
Ah the Skate is strong in this one.
Copnor born, Copnor bred - faint of heart and thick in the head :cool:

I have lived in said county for the past 29 years....only place I have ever seen such a thing as

'The Conservative Working Men's Club ' :

- although a short Google shows they are more widespread than I had realised.

Photo evidence freely available.


The journalist who started doing the graphs for the FT has a twitter account. He often has the old graphs and other information each day. Again he's a bit slow in getting the graphs out but usually it's in the evening sometime.

Linky: John Burn-Murdoch (@jburnmurdoch) on Twitter
He's also a good source for FT quoted articles for those not able to access, like this:
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