MERS Coronavirus warning

Those North Koreans have come up with the cure.

North Korea's first confirmed Coronavirus COVID 19 patient shot dead

Yes, they did about 15 days, and 800 posts ago.



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Just saw in the Britishness Bashing Chimps channel that someone in Wales has it?
If the Nork getting it in the back of the neck is true it rather belies the numbers coming out of NK, currently zero.

I’ve already expressed my doubt about NK being COVID free given its position between the two largest sources of infection, it being a trade route between the two and it’s dependence on its big brother.

I guess it will be a good while before we get any real data from NK and Iran.
The BBC reports:

Iran death toll jumps
Iran's health ministry says 34 people in the country have now died, while 388 cases have been confirmed so far. Just a day earlier, the official death toll stood at 26, with 245 cases of infection."

Is that a 10% death rate or are they just not counting all the cases?

I also love this little snippet

"Officials have been accused of hiding the true scale of the outbreak. But Iran says it has arrested "rumour-mongers" in the country."

Way to prove you're not covering anything up there Ayatollah.
What a great way for Iran to disappear people who they don't care for..


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Just saw in the Britishness Bashing Chimps channel that someone in Wales has it?
Swansea apparently...returned from Italy.


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Interesting in a passing observational manner?
Just back from our "normal shop" at local Tesco.
Pretty busy as usual since it's Friday, but no more than we have seen it before.
Never the less, they are already running short, or out of stock of the every day cold/flu stuffs eg Nurofen & Lemsip, some tinned proteins & beans, soups ( but not the expensive Baxter's ranges which is daft as they are on deal & cheaper than Heinz) and fresh chicken/pork/ white & red meat packs.
Check out girl told us their regulars they know well have been buying stock-ups...but not quite what you'd call panic-trollies. I guess it's kicking off already, even to a lowish degree.
End of Month shopping might be skewing their stats somewhat.
If you mean Muslims then yes.
The Koran allows them to use Kuffar goods to their own benefit.
I was thinking Iran rather than specifically Muslim. States like Egypt , Jordan etc have a much more pragmatic approach.
Idrael and Iran are getting better at talking to each other.
Well, if it helps defuse the rhetoric, so much the better. That said, Theocracies need devils.
All I can say is, I'm so relieved they picked a fine example of my countrymen to speak for us all.
What a fine ambassador. I'm going all dusty here.

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I’ve just read the New York Times and they are reporting a pet dog has tested positive. It’s in quarantine but it’s showing no symptoms.........

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