Merry Christmas

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Golf_one_one, Dec 25, 2006.

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  1. Merry Christmas and best wishes to all those blokes on operations at this time of year,

    Is this the most blokes we've had away in the last 10 years?

    Troops from:-

    3 Regt AAC
    4 Regt AAC
    5 Regt AAC
    7 Regt AAC
    9 Regt AAC
    657 Sqn AAC
    7 AA Bn REME
    132 Avn Supply
  2. To all the boys and girls, out there doing your bit. Thank You! And a merry Christmas come home safe, please. If OPSEC fails and you find me, the drinks on me. :party:
  3. Add to the list . . . 1 Regt AAC
  4. Despite being a bit short on the old sqn front(we only got the two flying sqns), we still manage to maintain a full year of comittments in Bosnia and Iraq, and whilst Op Oculus is a bit of a swan, its still time away from family and friends. I don't think Opsec is being breached here as this is info publically availble, except it seems to the rest of the Corps. It seems that the English Channel is still providing an effective information barrier between us and the rest of the Corps. Ooh you got my back up. Sorry. Over reaction.
  5. As an Ex 1 Regt Bloke myself,

    Very valid point, Operation OCULUS

    I stand corrected,
  6. Golf, as the groovygunner said - there's peeps in Bosnia AND Iraq. 2 Sqns - 2 concurrent deployments. Busy times indeed.

    There are some holes in the cross channel information barrier, groovy :wink: although, I've not long been UK side so I suppose I don't count. :(


    - PP
  7. Cheers pongo, not to mention the last minute dickings for cast/exercises/guard/sim/5 minute jobs/implementation of the "rearcrewman" role, and the usual regimental stuff. Busiest its been for the 8 years I've been here, but we still have the lowest signing off rates...must be the tax free cars/fags/gin etc...or maybe its because we are all stuck here without the A1 outside the camp gates, making us into a happy little family. After a barren spell, I can report that the lads are out and about exploring the towns and cities(and alleys) of der fatherland. The BBC is in a bit of a sorry state, but the old welcome is still extended to newcomers, minus the Polar Bear, and in keeping with the standard of the average recruit is a lot milder than most would remember....unless taffridge is on a leave pass from the missus.
    Happy new year to all :D , RIP Si :(
  8. Do they still use new ATprs as pockets on the pool table in the BBC?

  9. Only if they've been especially good. Usually we just make them listen to the aircrewmen's tales for an hour 'til their eyes roll up into the backs of their heads. Anyway, the individual in question is now a fine upstanding member of the regiment, so perhaps the TDT team should look it for the Class3 course. They already have an expert at Wallop ready to demonstrate the technique.

  10. Easy to be upstanding when you've got a pool cue up your bottom. Oh and by the way groovy I am very nice to our younger members I buy them drinks and everything