Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from across the pond

Here is to a great time this holiday season. Hope 2006 was everything everybody hoped it would be and then some. More importantly, I hope that 2007 will be the beginning of the best times of your lives.

I have had a great time on Arrse this year. Met many wonderful people. Smart and funny people who have have always brought smiles, chuckles and many frowns to my face.

And to all the brave men and women in far away lands and deepest seas and highest skies who stand astride the arsenal of freedom: You spend sleepless nights so I may sleep undisturbed. A million paragraphs cannot express the gratitude that we owe you. So please accept these two words: Thank you.

Churchill spoke on your behalf when he said :

Put your confidence in us.
Give us your faith and your blessing,
And under Providence, all will be well.
We shall not fail or falter;
We shall not weaken or tire.
Neither the sudden shock of battle,
Nor the long-drawn trials of vigilance and exertion will wear us down.
Give us the tools,
And we will finish the job.

Hope you will all come back next year for more of the same banter we have shared this last few months. This is my last post of the year and until then, this is goodnight, not goodbye.

Alluta continua! :hug:

Red Shrek

War Hero
Yeah, Merry Christmas to all the Brit Asse folks. Hope you have a happy new year filled with booze and good looking women


War Hero
Merry Christmas from your friends, The Spams!



Peace on Earth, blah, blah, blah. Merry Xmas.



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Chief_Two said:
Merry Christmas to the Warrant Officers of the British Army from the Warrant Officers of the US Army.

Did they elect you spokesman?
Merry christmas yankee brothers!
Happy Christmas/Holidays/X-Mas/Whatever
I'm too late to return the wishes for Xmas, but have a safe and prosperous New Year - you, your families and friends.



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me n bee said:
Merry christmas yankee brothers!

and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to those below the Mason-Dixon Line too !

To Those Still In - stay safe soldiers/marines , not dead heroes.

To Those Who Were - Bravo Zulu y'all, thank you.....and why are you still sober ? ;-)

Lee Shaver

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