Merlin HC3 v MRH 90 (Australia)

Not being much in the heli world whats the difference???
Probably should explain further, going for a job with the Mob who make MRH90 and comparing the competition, Westland v Areospace - although both have roots links with Augusta. They look pretty dam similar to me.
Yes I've googled.
Merlins bigger, you going for the milan job then? Apparently it isn't as good as it sounds, digs well away from site and you have to sort out your own transport and pay for it.
No mate, I de-mobbed about a year ago and I'm interviewing for a job with Aus Aerospace in Brisbane, just doing a bit of background research.
Merlin is larger (15t) and has 3 engines, 5 blades. External lift ~ 5,000kg.

MRH/NH-90 is smaller in the ~10t class (ie. blackhawk, big-puma). Only 2 engines, 4 blades. External lift ~ 4,000kg

They both look similar due to the rear ramps. An ATV can roll off the back of the NH-90 (link).

Both helicopters use the same engines.

You could say the NH-90 is more Euro than Anglo. Also, lots of commonality with the (ARH) Tiger gunship.
EUROCOPTER (France/Germany) 62.50%, AGUSTA (Italy) 32.00%, STORK FOKKER Aerospace B.V. (The Netherlands) 5.50%.
MRH-90 vs. BH purchase? see: link

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