Merlin flyimg over central London?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by pac-man, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. Was driving past Northolt this morning looking at a Gazelle preparing to take off. I was just thinking about back in the day when I was a lad when above I noticed a Merlin was flying towards central London. I didn't think much of it at first but what was it doing there? It was above central London exactly when the first explosion happened. This isn't a conspiracy theory just wondered why a Merlin would be over London. Can anyone clear this up? Thanks.
  2. and strangely there was one circling over Tredegar and Merthyr Tydfil yesterday for about half an hour and as I was sitting in my car in Swansea today,two flew over,although both were on different headings.
  3. Were they painted Black?

  4. You saw a helicopter flying above London well stone me there is a shock. What did you think that Merlin’s only flew over training areas or something?
  5. You should concentrate more on driving rather than sight seeing, or there may be a driving competition thread for you.
  6. I thought I would get that response. NO ANSWER TO MY INNOCENT QUESTION! Fact: An AAC Gazelle was preparing to take off at RAF Northolt this morning. Please anyone in the know confirm this. BTW I was in a traffic jam doing nothing and had nothing else to look at apart from the airfield and the back of a lorry. It was rush hour on the M40. I was an aircraft recognition instructor and lived not far from RAF Benson. The sole reason for me asking was because I cannot for the life of me see the purpose of a Merlin being over central London for the hell off it unless it was to pick up a Pizza. I thought for tasking it was a bit overkill.
  7. IssI you know me from Hildesheim. I was in 651
  8. No, there was a game of Quidditch going on apparently.
  9. Well looks like a jolly for the lads! must have been an Officer type thingy
  10. Phone JHC, they should be able to clear this up for you. Ask for 'the chap in charge of helicopters'. I think his name is Simon.

    Kind of puts you along side the consprisists with guff like that.

  11. With the amount of views this had and the fact I quoted that a gazelle was about to take off from Northolt at this time. To confirm where I was when I saw it. I thought I would get a straight forward explanation. The lack of a decent answer is quite strange don't you think. There are only so many operational Merlins at any one time and I thought they were above NORMAL tasking?
  12. pac, what are you fishing for? I think the reason you havent had a straight answer is because we dont know (or care). Gazelles are in and out of Northolt on a regular basis (think about 7 Regts role).

    Merlins are fully op into service now so why shouldnt they do NORMAL tasking? Would you have asked the same question if it was a Puma?
  13. Ask the RAF types....... you may get a straight answer.
  14. I see Chinooks flying in Hampshire everyday. Shite; must be an invasion going on but it has been going on for ages so must be under control. Or is it just routine and the norm?
  15. If a Puma was over my location now I would instantly ask why? I personally could think of no reason for such an event. If it was during the day I would think it was a school visit. The point is that I cannot for the life of me see a reason for a Merlin ( Big support helicopter to be over central London for no apparent reason that cannot be explained quite simply)