Merlin: Absolute magic or the Wizards' sleeve?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by copterman, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. Absolute s**t

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  1. Britain's latest SH yet to be tested in anger but what do the real people think of the mighty 'carbon fibre troop provider'?

    The EH101, Merlin - 28 (AC) Sqn

    Discuss 8O
  2. It's very nice to fly in but an equal number of Chinooks would have been a lot more use.
  3. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Provided my section with great support on both movement, insertion and technical taskings (Eagle VCPs). A good all round heli (in my own opinion, and i have been in a few). :wink:
  4. Like many European solutions, I think it has potential. However, it's comms are severely limited and it amazes me that we can still procure a helo where the crew are reliant on manually plotting threat calls from AWACS on a chart!

    Given time however, and a bit more investment (D'oh!!!), it should fill a useful medium SH niche role between Avn and the Chinook. In particular, with the right comms, a decent link, and AAR, it would be ideal (IMHO) for the CSAR/JPR role for which the Chinnok is probably too large. It will also be very interesting to see if it wins the USMC VIP helo competition! If it does, it may be in with a fighting chance for the lucrative USAF CSAR order.

    Merry Xmas everyone,
  5. Another reason to ensure AWHL (Agusta Westland Helicopter Ltd) stays in business. Wouldn’t be so bad but it’s not even a Brit owned company any more. But it may well be a blessing in disguise.
    You just have to look at Westlands website to see they aren’t exactly on the pulse.
    Do you see anything regarding news to the recent 'amalgamation' with Agusta? Anything linking this site to a new one? Anything regarding the FLynx?
    One would think it’s a bit of a development in the company.
    It was only recently they changed a link on their site that professed 'new Super Lynx' but the picture was actually of a Mk 9. And a Battlefield Lynx showed a picture of a Naval Mk8. If they haven’t a clue as to what their products look like, what chance have we got of telling them they are well below par? Tres sad. I would compare it to Fords website showing a picture of a mk 2 Escort next to speil regarding a new Focus RS. But even Daewoo and Hyundai have at least got someone more qualified than an ex AAC full Col as PR bloke! Many defend the likes of Britishwaste of Space (BAe) and Wastelands but they live up to their reputation. All they are, are an extension of senior officers who have been promoted beyond their potential. If they were actually companies who had to stand alone in the market, they wouldn’t have enough clout or resources to produce cack paper aeroplanes. The Govn has ensured these companies stay on top. They are both primarily cottage industries (history and many a previous govn has ensured our premium status as aviation leaders has been eroded). A cottage industry should be exactly that, good at cottageing!

    Rant nearly over. These two companies really grip my 5hit! But, they aren’t really companies as we would normally understand, they are merely titles for a collection of subsidiaries who the title owners can blame when it all goes to rat5hit. I know of at least seven ex AAC failed fcukwits who represent the board at Wastelands. These people lined their own nests in various 'procurement' SO2 and SO1 jobs prior to being asked to leave. Any wonder we get supplied with utter garbage?

    When was the last time our forces actually got what was needed for the job in hand or any future requirements? This of course, is a leading question as the Army will be getting a 'revamped' version of Lynx.

    Rant over. Probably, for a short while anyway...
  6. Nothing has change then, sad :evil:
  7. Glad to see most people are starting to sit up and at least take notice of the a/c - Technically it's a bit unforgiving but so far so good, (Anyone on Eagles dickdance where we left a certain Puma Sqn sitting!?) And, yes Flash, AWHL are slightly behind the drag curve -certainly where 'standards' are concerned, but watch this space as they say, the next year or so could see the Merlin bound for make or break..
  8. Not personal MM, but should we be discussing such issues that might indicate to an enemy any flaws with such a piece of equipment as this.

    Lets make it as difficult as possible for our enemies to get a measure of aircraft performance and operability.

    I have a wealth of things to note but none of them publishable here..guess Flash makes the point well....long live Yeovil...did I just say that?
  9. Name names!!!

    All I can say is you obviously haven't been there!!!
  10. Muttley,
    No offence taken. The Merlin comms fit is published in Janes and Westland brochures.
  11. UK CSAR, please :roll:
  12. Heard that the US thingy was a done deal once Dubyia got re-elected....funny handshake voting sort of thing....that would never happen in this country....a company having a foothold in the government over its defence contracts..heaven forbid...B.arely A.ny E.vidence of that.
  13. Like Muttles, agree there's never been any suggestion that a Company got a hold over any branch of the Services - Just look at historical examples, I'm certain that the Fairey Co. always got its contracts from the Fleet Air Arm on quality of product alone...
  14. I would be very interested in reading the contract tender for the procurement procedure. What were the criteria laid down for the helicopter requirements? IMHO the Blackhawk would have been a much better choice than the Merlin, purely because of its excellent record and the fact that it is battle-proven in many different theatres of operation.

    In the current climate of Blair/GW "You scratch my back and I'll f**k you Tony" there might have been a major cost reduction with the purchase of Blackhawks.

    Flash........dont hold back, say what you really mean!!!! :lol: