MERKEVA Designer dies

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Yeoman_dai, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. Experienced users telling designers what they want, rather than designers telling experienced users what they think they need. Pity the concept didn’t catch on in Gentile defence procurement.
  2. Yup. After all, it's not as if the Israelis helped us design Chieftain, and only started building Merkava 1 once Britain decided not to sell Chieftain to them...
  3. I've always liked the Merkava, a great looking tank.

    Still love the photo of a little boy throwing a stone at one.
  4. In think that we were hanging on the coat tails of the success of the Centurion when the Chieftain deal was brokered. Admittedly I’m not at all au faux with the level of ‘collaboration’ between us and Israel on the Chieftain but the Chieftain design was firmly established before any Israeli involvement.

    As dismayed as the Israeli’s were with Mister Heath for reneging on the sale I think that history has shown it worked out better for Israel and we also gained a bigger financial return by making more tank sales to Arab countries.

    Golda Meir slagged the government off in the Knesset and Israel went cap in hand to the USA and galvanised their own defence industry to step up to the mark.

    If the Chieftain deal had gone ahead, would the Merkava still have been produced?

    With hindsight I bet the Israeli's are glad they never wasted their money buying those hideous smoky, oily, things. :wink:

    Merkava Main Battle Tank (Israel)
  5. Israel was set from the 60's into being more self sufficient with producing home grown armaments to reduce it's dependency especially after the French embargo. However it was a trend that had already started from the 1950's with the deign and production of the Uzi.

    The IDF has always placed a large emphasis on it's armoured capability and it was only natural that IMI would design something suited to fighting in this neck of the woods based on accumulated armoured warfare experience.
  6. After further research I came across this.............

    A41 Centurion
  7. A good visit but I think that Bovington is more interesting plus there is "Monkey World" next door :)