Merkel wants a European Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Exparareg, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. She really is a dreadful woman and one very good reason why the Berlin Wall should have stayed up.
  2. Because we can always rely on our fellow Europeans to do the right thing! The EU can stick its idea of an Army up its own arrse!
  3. General Sir Peter de la Billiere said of the European military that only the French Foreign Legion and the Dutch Marines were worth going to war with. The rest he likened to Cadet forces. Perhaps that is why none of them are war fighting in Afghanistan.
  4. But I did get a bottle of wine in Belgian Army packed lunch once. EU Army might not be a bad thing !
  5. Well, being as how the 'Europeans' seem to have a track record of losing wars I think this is a bad idea.
  6. Merkel is the one on the left.....

  7. So, where they failed to get their army all over europe . . . .
  8. So if they can't beat us, they want us to join them?
  9. I completely , utterly and totally disagree with the above comments. I'm all for Europe - as a unified whole we WOULD be the most powerful country of earth bar none, with a GDP several billion greater than the USA. People complain about the rules that come down from upon high, but point out one that is truly ridiculous and wrong looking at the whole

    We struggle by ourselves, as a whole we can be great once more. Plus, with our wealth we could be a controlling aspect of this new super state.

    Not only that, but to say the other european armies are like cadet forces is ridiculous - all of them have traditions at least as long as ours, and are hamstrung by even wore funding than we have (Germans being exception) - don't blame them for not helping more in afghanistan, that's their governments fault governments with more sense than to get dragged into the rampant mission creep that is Herrick.

    I'm going to get a lot of stick for this, but I don't care because the sooner people get over the Jingoistic 'us and them' mentality that better lies with the 19th Century (you know, the one the Daily Mail readers still adore and subscribe to) the better, for us and the world.

    Ah my Helmet, thank you Cpl, shall we button down?
  10. Heinrich Himmler had the same idea.
  11. When will they get it, no just the eurotrash but our own politicians as well, that we dont want any of this bollocks?
  12. If we have a Euro Army who will defend us when the Germans invade Belgium again ;)
  13. Does anybody really believe the Germans would give up the right to decide for themselves to not go to war, especially not to an EU which is made up of a majority of states that do/did go into places like Iraq and Southern Afghan?
    Stand down... nothing to see...