Merkel to win in Germany?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, May 10, 2017.

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  1. Got a link for that as Statista tells us something else (and obviously harry used a different source).

    Here's the Statista link, their figures are different.

    Youth unemployment rate in EU countries 2017 | Statistic
  2. Germany's percentage, is easily manipulated and is done regularly. Put the unemployed onto courses run by private companies etc and voila, the rate goes down, as they are not unemployed, but rather, under training.
  3. Trading Economics


    Obviously there are more Ministry of Guesswork units around than first realised.
  4. One thing that strikes me is the way that the Trading Economics graph for Germany shows no changes when other sources say something else, makes you wonder how much of their figures are "projections".

    But "youth unemployment" is also a bit of a side issue, you get lots of nice figures but it doesn't tell the whole story.

    Look at this one, the long-term unemployed in the EU

    Unemployment - Long-term unemployment rate - OECD Data

    As per examples, Spain may have an umemployment rate of around 18% but when over half of those have been on the rock and roll for at least a year then there is a fundamental problem.
  5. Slight thread resurrection:

    As of today Merkel has admitted that she's unable to form a government.

    Looks like it may be back to the polls for Germany.
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  6. Be interesting to see how that turns out

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  7. Going by what everyone has been saying on TV, going to the polls is about the last option, but cannot be dismissed.
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  8. Bloody hell , had I better start digging an air raid shelter ?
    Last time the Germans went to the Poles it didn't turn out well .
  9. If anybody does not feel that Merkel’s recent decisions over immigration into Germany has been a major factor in her decline in popularity, then they are disregarding why, just as an example, Britain voted to leave the EU.

    Unrestricted inflow of those unfamiliar or foreign who may, or have, and are destabilising public order in any way, are considered a threat by the majority of native inhabitants of any area, range, country or territory.

    Basic human/animal nature and survival instincts.

    Political correctness, cultural inclusiveness, and multiculturalism are recent developments, their merits aside.

    We are the products of millennia in human genetic development specifically aimed at survival, and it it not easily overturned by recent ideals.

    Just a thought on her, and our present situation.
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