Merkel to win in Germany?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, May 10, 2017.

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  1. Brotherton Lad

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  2. I'm not quite sure how you meant that last sentence, but the two of them do seem to be doing well in Baden Wurtemburg. Kretschmer does seem to be more CDU than Green. As for the eco-conscience, I would say that the Greens have almost nothing in common with the party of Petra Kelly, especially environment matters, I think that the last green matter that emanated from them was Flaschenpfand for plassy bottles and soft drink and beer tins. An organised c**k up of truly magnificent proportions.
  3. Well, Baden-Würtenberg is very special, very conservative and a state basicly living of car production.(But also the state of "Waldorf-schools") That the greens got elected there is a real stunner....shows how far they moved on from their beginnings
  4. Sorry about that, I'll try not to do it again.
  5. What I find interesting, is that in my area, all the party placards went up weeks ago and are everywhere.....except the AfD's. I only saw them along one single (long) street and only about four days before the voting yesterday. Another thing, is that after the results came in, the reporters on the radio stations, tied themselves in knots to make no mention of the AfD. Having said that, they made no mention of them in all the lead up, except to label them as far right.

    Another thing that stood out, was the ballot form itself. It was a form with about five fold outs (think of an old OS map) and the AfD were down the bottom, with several blank spaces above. If you didn't fold it out completely, it would have been very easy to miss the lowest parties. I didn't have a vote, so going on what I was told by my wife at the polling station and what others have said.

    Here's a link to the results:
    Landtagswahl 2017 in NRW
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  6. Thanks for the link Recce.
    I think that the medias problem with the AfD in NRW is that Frauke Petrys husband (can't remember his name!) does not come over as some mouth breathing neo-nazi or other extreme right wing no brainer, instead he seems a decent bloke. That just does not fit in with all the negative reportings that the media would like to give him.
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  7. Apparently the AfD has some unusual supporters, now I don't know the original source of this, but it was stated on TV that the Russian immigrants showed a preference for the AfD. Just a quick explanation for those unaware of what the Russland-Deutsche are. Sometime late 1800s the then Czar decided he needed German engineers and craftsmen so he invited loads over to Russia promising religious freedom, land and money. Fast forward to Germany post reunification in the early 90s. It was decided that the descendants of those emigrants should be eligible for German nationality should they wish to come to Germany, which many did. The big rush ended some years ago, but I believe that some still come to Germany. These are also the people who were protesting at refugees a couple of years ago.
    What's Russian for irony?
  8. In what way is someone who upsticks and goes to work in a country that has invited them in a refugee?
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  9. What it absolutely does confirm is that Bitains decision to leave the EU was completely correct, and, cannot come soon enough!!!
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  10. I never actually said that the Russland-Deutsche are refugees, although they were definitely fleeing a corrupt and oppressive system, under the Soviet regime they never had it easy. Just to remind you what I actually wrote "but it was stated on TV that the Russian immigrants".
    However I was not the only one to find it amusing and ironic, the TV reporter at the time said so as well.
    Happy now?
  11. Meanwhile the analysis of Sundays disaster for the SPD continues. One political analysist said the defeat does not mean that Schulz is dead in the water, after all only a few weeks ago Laschet was someway behind Kraft in the polls. Schulz could still be in with a chance.
  12. Muti Merkel and her deep love for the British.
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  13. I'm not so sure that the word love exists in her dictionary. She's almost as emotional as an iceberg.
  14. She would have to be to unleash the barbarian hoards on her own country in order to try and boost the falling birthrate.