Merkel the final year - what will be her legacy?


and during the recent tenure of the Chair of the EU (expired 31/12/20) they pushed through the trade deal with China - who in the EU gains the most - Deutchland (uber alles) - check out the deal. Also who is going to gain from Nordstrream - lo and behold - Der Deutche Volk. Typical German slapper - not nylons or coffee - gas and german trade.
The death of The Consensus Opinion or Doing The Right Thing To Benefit The Most People.

Across Europe and enthusiastically embraced elsewhere, principally in North America the only real consensus now is “you’re either with us or against us”. Merkel and her soft left have created fertile ground for every self entitled idiot to dictate their own self serving agenda. You are either a woke fundamentalist on some narrow interest mission or a fascist who dares to suggest that.

When the main opposition in France, Germany, Italy, Canada and as of January, the US are increasingly right leaning nationalists, the probable outcome of their battle with federalist, increasingly left leaning apologists can only widen that gulf. Repeat in any number of nations worldwide.

Identity Politics at the expense of improving the country for all is the First World equivalent of Wealth Grabbing Dictatorship at the expense of improving the country for all in the Third World. The reality is the former is just a variation of the latter, usually exercised through iniquitous taxation policies and equally iniquitous distribution of state funding. The principal is the same, those in power take from those not in power and fund their own ends; everyone else can get fecked.

And results will be the same. People will suck up only so much.

Hey ho
Is Merkel gonna get shoot in the Berlin bunker than get set on fire ?
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Definitely be the immigration crisis, however, I suspect that in the not too far future when the EU/Eurozone collapses, how she has set Germany up will leave it pretty much the only man standing that isn't absolutely crippled financially, all things being relative.

Germany will then hoover up it's neighbours under a blanket of 'stability and security' to protect against Russia (which is really China as Putin has died and left a massive power vacuum filled by a man backed by Beijing) - and then the fun and games start again.

How's that?
I don't think it'll be Germany doing the hoovering - my money would be on China, and Germany itself is already on that hook to a degree.
Merkel at Charles de Gaulle airport immigration:

Votre nom, madame? Angela Merkel.

Occupation? Not just yet. Maybe the next Reichchancellor will though .....
The mass immigration that is now causing Western Europe huge problems.
The rise in Islamic terrorism throughout Europe by the followers of the religion of peace.

Her legacy will be that of cultural suicide in encouraging the mass migration of another culture that is totally at odds to that of the civilised world.
Spot on.

That, and she is seen as the leader of the Fourth Reich, something that marks her out as Enemy Forces to the majority of the UK population and likely several other European nations too who can see what her long-game is.

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