Merkel giving the Hitler party member a 21 gun salute .. [ The POPE ]

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Henno G, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone answer this Question .... How does a person that knew of child sex crimes committed by fellow priests doesn't do jack shit except move them from one chapel to another .. and the crimes continue

    He somehow evades jail , arrest , conviction Whilst other figures of religious cults get arrested and jailed ,

    I was disgusted that bastard got allowed in the UK he should have been arrested but for Germany to give a former Nazi youth member a 21 gun salute on his recent visit to Germany whilst a number of German Mp's stayed away in protest the Goverment made sure the empty seats were filled to hide the shame , he like others abused german jews funnily when his past surfaced the deluded release a cock n bull story claiming he was forced whereas other notorious Nazi's fled to South America but he hid in the Church .

    Why are Goverments not willing to pursue a criminal you cannot refute the claim or deny the hard facts he witheld criminals from the law But if he were a terrorist they would pursue but because he's a so called religious person they don't bother so why is there a rule for one criminal and a rule for another ..
  2. Sorry, were you thinking of anyone in particular? Dalai Lama?
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  3. So, did the priest tell you you were doing God's work before he spat on it and rammed it up your shit-chute?
  4. Tropper's more disgusted.
  5. Shouldn't that be a "21 bum salute"? I thang yew!
  6. See the OP's thread on drugs..............

    Never get high on your own supply, window licker.

    Full moon again?
  7. Ba-'bum'-tish! :)

    My coat? Why would I need my coat... oh.
  8. Another mong thread from the OP who creates them and then never contributes..... and what exactly is current affairs about something that goes back years?

    In answer to your stupid query, perhaps because the figure that you are referring to will be travelling on a diplomatic passport, as he is a citizen of the Vatican state!
    IIRC there were an entire generation who were made to be members of that particular youth group, they didn't get much say in their membership in those days, join the club or be ostracised, Hitler and his henchmen were not very forgiving to those who made political points against them.
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  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    In 1939 he was 12 years old and conscripted into the Hitler Jugend at the age of 14 as required by law.

    Not at all sure what the OP is trying to say.
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  10. He's trying to say;

  11. Don't think he knows either....poor man has lost his marbles I think.
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  12. Are you a priest? Do you feel guilty? Is there something you wish to share with us?
  13. The Pope is, effectively, an elected head of state but also the closest thing to a living deity for a significant proportion of the population of the world. Look at the trouble we have got ourselves into removing other heads of state lately.

    The real issue is how could the RC Church be so niaive as not to realise that his election would be highly controversial and, inevitably, damage the standing of the organisation as a whole in the eyes of non-catholics. (Maybe they were not niaive but simply didn't care)

    I would be interested to hear the view of a catholic believer in terms of what benefit the current Pope has brought to the church (we can all see the negatives).
  14. He's RC, he's white and he's a German, he's a perfect target for the media. Some black, Marxist guy would have been a more media savvy chose. But, anyone who believes the shit that's the media calls news is a moron and shouldn't be pandered to
  15. twony, thanks but Im not sure you answered any of my post that you so carefully quoted!