Merkava Mk 4

My guess, seeing that the IDF is currently training troops to operate the new tanks, is that it is a seat for an instructor (although sitting on top when it's zotting across the desert is not my idea of fun)
CrapSpy said:
Sorry to intrude, but I need help in resolving a very spotterish argument in my office.

Does anyone know what the 'armoured seat type thing' is for on top of a Merkava Mk 4?
Yes. I saw a documentary on Merkava development on British TV four or five years ago; there were films and interviews of people using the seat.

It's a DS seat for training purposes; the DS gets strapped in, and can see how the tank commander is doing. It beats trying to DS from the loader's position, or from a Landrover alongside. I'd say that it isn't so much "armoured" as "very very sturdy, as befits being mounted on top of a very large lump of vibrating steel".
Picture is in the gallery now. Like the DS seat suggestion, but need a link as proof! Title of 'Office Chief Spotter' is at stake.
The Rabbi sits astride the barrel, near the nasty end, trying not to fall off. He is equipped with a standard Saw, Hack, Mark 1 and is required to saw the last few inches off the barrel of every new tank before it goes into operational service.
You probably got it through the links above, but the purpose is to allow a trainer to sit on top and assess fire and movement, use of cover etc during training exs
I'm suprised PTP didn't let you in on the secret!...........................its obviously a form of 'Zionist Torture Seat' for underage stone throwing heroes from the West Bank and Gaza Strip........oh and Birminghamistan!

Smilie included
What secret is that LWM? Am I being accused of being a Pakistani Muslim again?

Smilie included.

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