Meriva - what a bag of sh1te!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Cuddles, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. My wife's employer kindly provides her with a car and it seemed practical to go with the Vauxhall Meriva, rather than the Astra option. Children, dogs, et cetera and it has a higher level boot so TFB's back injuries are cosseted.

    I think it arrived in May - new body style, 11 plates, all Sir Garnet. Until a couple of weeks in the fuel relays fried themselves. Once replaced they were tested to destruction by the local GM dealer. in just up to the letter "D". The remaining destruction occurred on the way home.

    So that was three more weeks. This morning, as she prepared to set off, it decided that once again it didn't want to put any precious diesel in the combustion engine! I think the fuel system may have been programmed by a fellow Scot?

    So I ask is it coincidence that the Russian word for railway station is "Vauxhall"?

    Oh and has anybody else had troubles of this kind with an '11 Meriva? It is a shame because when she runs, she's a tidy little ride. As is the Meriva...phnarr phnarr...
  2. My partner has an Astra again a works car so no option. It hasn't had any faults but it is truly a bag of shit. The company is replacing them with Toyota avensis.
  3. It's a Vauxhall, what did you expect? A guy I knew bought a Carlton. BT put the Vauxhall customer services on his friends & family list.
  4. They are no friends of mine...nor are they like a family, they couldn't even be arrsed to knife you if you took your back-plate off!
  5. About twelve years ago, after years of buying new Vauxhalls, I replaced my top of the range Omega estate. The new one was a pile of crap. The build quality was awful - the interior colouring wasn't even co-ordinated; and that was the least of the problems. I asked for my money back and that was refused by Vauxhall. After living with the thing for four years I sold it and bought a Volvo V70; what a difference! I only wish I'd changed sooner...
  6. Do they sell the Toyota camry or Mazda 6 in the UK? Mazda 6 diesel goes like a raped ape. Camry is bombproof.
  7. terroratthepicnic

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    We have a Meriva (55 plate) quite frankly when I get rid of it I will never buy a bloody Vauxhall again. We had it for a week before we needed to take it in and have the dodgy breakdisks replaced. A couple of years ago I was driving down the A3 when the cam shaft broke, split in two due to a defect. Vauxhall refused to pay for the repair. Then more recently the car was recalled due to a dodgy steering column, which we only knew about thanks to watchdog.

    However, when it does like to run, it runs really well and for high sided car it does handle really well in the corners. But my next car is likely to be the Peugot 3008 Hybrid diesel, as it should save me a fortune on fuel.
  8. Gutless, overweight, fat arsed and then there's the car!
  9. Misread the thread title & thought Cuddles had bought an Iraeli Tank/APC...
  10. Had a Meriva with semi auto box about 4 - 5 years ago. Power steering failed 3 months from new. With the dealership for 6 weeks while they repaired/replaced it. one week after the new fitment, it went again and took the electrics with it.

    Back to dealership, lots of harsh words, money back and went bought a mini cooper instead. Just traded that and never had a days problem with it during the entire ownership.
  11. Had the misfortune of having to drive Vauxhalls since 2005 as company cars. Every one problematic latest current pile of shite is an Astra 1.3 TD estate 60K on the clock 2.5 years old currently had new gearbox/turbo/volume control buttons on the steering wheel/1x re-call/2x new suspension ball joints/2 new radiators one new radiator sprung a leak soon as it was fitted!. Problems with engine management system. Even that bad service man at main dealer has told me he wont even drive them.
  12. My missus has a Corsa on a 57 plate. 1.4 petrol and never had a problem. Drives better than any of the bigger Vauxhalls the company has ever provided me with for work purposes. I wouldnt buy one though, I hate the excessively light feel of all the controls.
  13. That makes two of us need to go to SpecSavers. :-(
  14. She had a Mazda car. She neglected to put any oil in it. Twat.

    Still she has been much more humble around the vehicles since that day.
  15. I wish. Traffic jams would be a thing of the past. Road rage would be short, sweet and 120mm in calibre.


    "Excuse me mate, is this the right road for Stroud?"