Merits of different services officer training

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Un-Friendly-Fire, Nov 26, 2005.

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  1. Well ive been a long time observer first time poster, i have a long term question im going down informal interviews for both services at the moment but even though its not guranteed it would be nice if i could mentally commit myself to one or the other. For the last year ive been training incredibly hard and involving myself with a lot of things with a view to going for the Royal Marines. However pretty much every other day at college waiting for the bus i have to sit outside RMAS for at least 10-20 minutes a day and its really got me thinking

    Now i know this is a bit of a bone question especially on ARMY rumour service but frankly im half hoping that someone comes out with a reason for me to go army. My reason for wanting Royal Marines Commision is that i'll feel ive aimed as high as i can go which is worth a lot to me in my character, however wrong this may well be. Yet i feel a certain draw towards going for a commision in an infantry regiment (PWRR (my local regiment) or RGJ) and i have a feeling the army offers me more options being in a larger organisation and getting a commision in any branch is a challenge in itself.

    I know this may well be seen as another "Wot 1s da beztest unit" but this is really got me thinking a lot of the time. And if anyone can give me a good reason to commit to either i'll be a lot calmer leaving me to think about other what immature lads like me think of :roll:
  2. I always assumed, rightly or wrongly, that to become an officer in any branch of HM forces you should really have an idea why you want to be an officer and why you want to be in that branch above any other.

    If you're having this level of doubts now simply from seeing the gates of RMAS then you should probably see a careers advisor from the Army and arrange a few familiarisation visits. This may give you your answer for you from what you've seen rather been told anon online.
  3. I'm former bootneck with first hand experience of a joint RMAS and Lympstone YO final ex under my belt.
    From this "slender" experience I have only one piece of advice. If you want to aim high get to CTCRM.

    The difference is jaw dropping. My oppo's get sick of me churning up the officer cadet horror stories.

    The final picture I paint while spinning my dits is the RMAS lot in civvy smarts, gargling champagne and neighing like horses while 50 metres away royal are sat on their bergans still cammed up and stinking, grim with hunted looks in their eyes, cleaning their weapons

    If I had the chance to join up again I know exactly where I'd be going.

    My nephew is already lined up for the Corp and he's only two,
    My two "step" nephews 13 + 14 are slowly being brainwashed much to their Father's (ex RCT) disgust

    Plus Royal is much more entertaining ashore
  4. I want to be doing soldiering but i want something more than just "point gun that way and pull the little green bit", wanting to be making a difference to peoples lives, challenging my mind as well as physical challenge. few other bits as well. The problem is i want the regimental association (well...for as long as it still exists in this age of cuts) and options and the ethos of the army but i still feel as if i want to do something different and aim for my own perceived "highest place".

    thanks for the advice honing up on monday if they arent asleep or whatever they were doing when i phoned up at 10, 12 and 2 oclock in the morning and afternoon last friday without a response with a view to doing this very thing. Fortunately my college is running an army careers day soon so i can pester about familiarisation days then as well.

    That sounds really interesting, how did that come about?
  5. I was pinged to support the RM YO batch final ex.
    For some reason it was combined with RMAS and held in Germany.

    I'm sure there is plenty of "discussion" and views incoming, RMAS is for all the army not just the steely eyed deliverers of death at the pointy end etc

    But..... More is expected of an RM YO, they train in the same location as the men they command, they do everything the lowly bootneck recruit goes through but have to do it faster and harder and get a "begrudging" respect for

    There is a reason why there is so much talk of getting wings and daggers. BECAUSE BOTH ARE SPECIAL

    You may as well aim high early on and leave the ghandi, hippy, make a difference stuff for for when the testosterone has eased off, you have a few gongs and no knees left


  6. PS it wasn't that interesting, but Germany is very clean
  7. True i didnt mention including the platoon commanders course afterward but its all towards the same goal.

    This is one thing dragging me towards Royal but to throw an argument your way, surely ANY officer is expected to go above and beyond what a soldier does and earn that respect anyway? especially in tooth arms where the emphasis really does seem to be on leadership not management?
  8. Not going to get into a big discussion about it as I never did RM YO's training and know knack all about RMAS apart from above.

    Its a head or heart call and you've already said you've been leaning to CTC

    You only regret the things you don't do

    Make the choice and fecking crack on

  9. I'm currently going through the Army recruiting process and have also been on a RM POC so I feel I may be able to contribute here.

    I did the POC first and found it wasnt for me. On starting on the RMAS route I felt far more comfortable when meeting Army officers. My point is you need to bear in mind what you're suited to. I would say start both processes, get a taste for both and see how it goes. You do need to be 100% committed to the path you choose but you wont be able to do that until you are 100% clear and set on your direction.

    If you do the above dont let each service know about the other application. There would be no benefit. Theres no dishonour in doing this IMO, but as soon as you get an idea of which you prefer you need to drop the other one - you don't want to waste people's time. But remember its an open market. It's a big commitment so you are entitled to do what you need to to make the right choice. Its also a long process, normally takes roughly a year start to finish, so you want to get it right first time if possible.

    Bear in mind you won't get a totally unbiased opinion on an Army forum!!!

    To sum up, do your research (talk to people, read, look on the net, ask questions), try to get a feel for both and see if you can imagine yourself working in that service. The officers you meet during the recruiting process give you an idea of what lies ahead. If you can meet Marines/Other Ranks (the men you want to lead) even better.

    Good luck on your application whatever path you take. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.
  10. I did structure that reply with paragraphs etc but it doesnt seem to have liked it so sorry about the mass of text!
  11. Maverick,

    Sensible mail. what didn't you like about the RM set up?

  12. Bottom line - do you have the ability to make the grade as a RM officer physically? If there are any doubts then RMAS is a better bet as you will have multiple choices, some of which have the possibility of offering you a commando or para posting later anyway(Gunners, Engineers, RLC and more) , when to be honest you will be more mature (RM YO is not just about physical prowess). You will of course have to make the appropriate grade at that time anyway.

    I only offer my opinion as a gunner who spent 6 yrs in the Cdo Bde and passed the Cdo Cse and P coy (latter whilst wearing a green beret as a Capt which was a rather "interesting and special" experience. In fact I already had wings up-but was not stupid enough to wear them until I passed!)

    The advice already given to keep multiple streams open is very good advice. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Good luck!
  13. Its hard to explain, I just didn't find I had any affinity with the Officers and NCO's. I couldn't imagine myself working with them and being like them. I respect the Commando ethos and if I joined RA would still consider pursuing a posting to 29 Cdo, but the general attitude and atmosphere at CTC didn't appeal to me. I had practical thoughts also in terms of better promotion prospects with the Army, more varied postings (with the RA specifically). The thing that tipped it for me was my visit to Larkhil to visit RA and my dealings with various officers and OR's, I just got on with them much better, they were my kind of people.
  14. Whilst I was at school I had a taste of the R.A.F, the Army and the R.M. At that stage, Royal took priority over the army. I had a very similar outlook to you.

    I wanted to aim as high as possible as to my chosen arm. I attempted the RM POC at a young age, and to be honest to myself, at that time I was way over my head. I was competing as a teenager, with 24-5 year olds who completely outclassed me.

    I think that what Maverick says is completely true. It is very idealistic to "aim for the best", but if you don't feel a connection with those at CTCRM then it's not for you. You can't base an entire career on something that you are not comfortable with. If you have had successful trips to the RA, then by all means pursue a career towards them.

    Did you want to join Royal based on TV, videos, pictures in the paper? The "green beret" mentality and those "99.99% need not apply" adverts do act as a kind of recruiting aphrodesiac. At the time, I said I wanted to lead "the best troops in the world". Those troops are not just confined to Royal. You will find some of the best troops in all branches of the Army, especially in 29 Cdo.

    What you (and I) have been through is a great recruiting tool. Gaining as much experience of the other armed forces can only have positive benefits. By doing this you are more likely to filter out job-choices that would prove unsatisfactory in the long term. Visit as many people as possible, get a taste of the officers, the men and the modus operandi of the regiment in order to make your final decisions.

    Try and assess what it is that you REALLY want from your career. I'm glad that I have been to OASC, CTCRM POC and RCB, I've made my choices and I'm happy as to my chosen arm.

    Get out there on as many fam visits as possible, speak to as many soldiers and officers as possible, paint the big picture, then dive head first into the recruiting process... GO FOR IT!

    Hope this helps,

  15. Pressing close to OPSEC issues here but of the posters so far i have the most "intimate" knowledge of RMYO training - if you've any questions specifically or want to know anything then PM me