Meritorious Service Medal (MSM),

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by emptyeye, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi All

    I am looking for the offcial line on the MSM, I know the qualification period has dropped, but I do need to know what QR's say word for word. For example, if someone was eligble when serving but didnt get recommended, and then left the service, is he still eligble?
    Anyone help?

    For Info note the minimum period has now changed to 24 years: That means any ex boy soldier with 2 years service (7-8 terms) and then 22 years adult service are eligble.
    Queen's Regulations (1975) denote that recipients of the Meritorial service medal (MSM) must have completed a minimum of 27 years' service, been awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and must have performed good, faithful, valuable and meritorious service with conduct judged to be irreproachable.
  2. OldSnowy

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    Try this, from AGAIs

    68.016. The qualifying conditions for the award of the MSM are contained in QR(Army) para 5.392 and paras 10.006 - 10.007. Recommendations are to be made on F/Hons/776 and submitted, through division/district and command headquarters for prior approval, to the Army Medal Office (AMO), accompanied by an up to date photocopy of the candidate’s regimental conduct sheet (AF B120). The supporting approval of at least general officer commanding (GOC), or two star equivalents, is necessary for this award.

    68.017. The number of awards to Army candidates is restricted to 89 annually. The Army Medal Board (AMB) considers all recommendations. It is essential that the citation on F/Hons/776 states in detail the meritorious and valuable service performed by the candidate which makes him eligible to be considered for the award. Further guidance concerning the raising of a citation can be found at QR(Army), para 5.392
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  4. Thanks Snowy
    I take it from AGAIS that you still have be serving, I have my (clean) AFB120 but I now left the service, I can even get a 2* to write me up, but it looks like you still have to be doing your thing(that I dont miss)
    Thanks for the info
  5. OldSnowy

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    PM on the way.
  6. emptyeye, commiserations if nothing can be done but I hope that you feel you are getting fast and useful answers (OS's post seen). The nature of this well-respected award is that more people deserve it than actually get it.

    Just for clarification, the rules may have changed again but when I last saw them, service below age of 17.5 years did NOT count and the minimum period of reckonable service was 20 yrs (plus 'irreproachable conduct', LS&GC and, crucially, the recommendation). There is a very recent thread on this subject in another forum.
  7. Well if its 20 years then its better, but having just spoken to a serving WO1 friend of mine,(who didnt get it) his pen picture wasnt up to the mark, although written up by a full Colonel and endorsed by a 2* he still didnt get it. Maybe coz money is involved, I dunno, they do say its the poor mans MBE.
    Any ideas where the recent thread was?
  8. Now I remember... it got moved to the NAAFI Bar! But still worth having a look.
  9. Thanks
    208 pages to get through, Ill give it a miss for today unless you know exactly where in the NAAFI bar it is?
  10. found using the search thingy at top of page

  11. Got it,thanks, still left some questions though but it helped
  12. The MSM is a difficult award to obtain. I can only recall one recipient during my service.
    The late RSM 'Geordie' Laidlaw DCM of the KOSB excellent soldier and wonderful man. Older members may remember him as RSM of 1KOSB in the mid 1960s and RSM of the School of Infantry at Warminster in the 1970s he went on to become QM of a Bn of the Lowland Volunteers.
  13. I was awarded an MSM this year after 22 years. My 'write up' was done by a Lt Col (my CO) and not a 2 * as reported in the link.
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  15. Very nice thread. I am in the process of applying for my late fathers service records. Was wondering about this medal and I think its wrong that people dont get it automaticly as I cant see that many people making the qualifing criteria every year. Also think its wrong that medals that are authorised after leaving the service are not given to recipients and you have to chase them