Meridian CV (Excellent)

Just a couple of lines to say what a fine job Meridian did with my CV, he managed to slim down a fairly crowded three page document to two pages while retaining the important stuff, I can recommend his work, cheers mate.
Mr_Deputy said:
I used Meridian generic CV format syle which he / someone else generously attached in a thread a year or two ago and had great success with it. I haven't moved jobs but did a market recce a few months back, got loads of offers, checked with agencies/others about my CV format and said it was a very good format, clear and concise. I was very confident with it which helps when you are stepping into the unknown in 'getting a new job' exercises. Thanks again. I put a few quid in H4H at the time, will do again soon.
Any chance someone knows a link or can tell me where the generic form is. Interested in a new career.

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