Merging of Afghanistan losses threads.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Dear all,

    I have taken the decision after some thought, to merge the Afghanistan loss threads. Not to make things 'tidier' but to create a single point were all may pay their respects, as opposed to losing condolences spread across CA.

    It is imperative, that we all of us, keep our people and unfortunately our sad losses in the public eye. The public must be made aware, that British citizens just like them are working and sadly, dying far from home.

    There is another thread that mentions the seeming lack of importance attached to our losses and other casualties in the wider media. I am of a mind today , that this needs to change now.

    Arrse has been the seedbed of numerous successful campaigns of benefit to our people. I would like to see a co-ordinated and aggressive campaign to ensure that , and please forgive the twisting of an old Tabloid saying.. "If WE bleed , WE lead"

    Are there any arrsers willing to take on the responsibility of getting a campaign organised? Are there any journalists who will give an undertaking to help us in this as far as they can?

    Journalists, if you don't wish to reveal your identity but wish to help , please PM me.


  2. A very personal reaction, but with the BAFF angle in mind.

    Yes, it may be a sensible move to combine condolence threads on Afghanistan. With separate threads, there is a risk of giving a false impression of 'panic' if sadly there are casualties on successive days.

    However, if the thread title does not alter, you cannot tell without opening the latest post whether it contains 'new news' or not. There may be ways round this.

    Whether or not one personally has reservations about the Afghanistan venture, it is justifiable to increase public awareness of ongoing operations and the human cost thereof. There is also plenty room for debate. I would be uneasy, however, about discussing the pros and cons of UK Govt policy in the same thread as condolences. Whether serving or not, people have a range of personal views and I think it would be wrong to mix policy debate with anything connected with individual casualties.

    As I say, a purely personal view but I hope it may be helpful in clarifying what may be involved.

  3. I have not personally suffered bereavement of familiy members through operations, but had extremely close involvement with the whole business in Iraq a while ago. It meant something to me to come onto ARRSE a few hours after an incident and see individual condolences for what were individual people. Whilst the motives are entirely worthy, I would not want to see this personal aspect lost in any change.
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    We're sitting here waiting for news, our boy is part of the Battle Group. Its sh1te! Did all this earlier in the year with my Brother who was part of the Highlanders Battle Group. If anyone wants to kick off a campaign to bring the whole sorry situation to the political fore front, we will find the time to help.
  5. My lot will assist
  6. Been a while since I've posted here on Arrse but moved to help this time. I'm a little snowed under at present (and if you put two and two together this will lead you to my newfound interest) but am very keen to devote some time to any campaign once the dust has settled! B-T
  7. Would it be possible to put a DTG into the title when a new fatality is announced?
  8. Not a problem ORC , and a good suggestion , thank you. Thanks also to the people who have so far offered to help , both publicly and via PM.

  9. I agree with ORC. The possibility of one large thread with individual incidents somehow segregated would be preferable for me.

    As Biscuits mentioned above, we're currently waiting on news from today's incident because my son's out there. I check these threads, even the condolences ones, to see if anyone has heard anything new (particularly which regt). Yes, I know, it's unlikely that they would put it on a thread but those waiting to hear will grasp at anything. I understand that the condolences threads are just that but when you're desperate for news, you check all relevant threads.

    We also have a responsibility, I believe, to list the incidents separately (if this is possible) so that the gravity of the situation is shown for what it is.

    How you have the stickies listed separately, would it be possible to have a condolences section at the top too? It could be similar to an Obituaries column. Could the heading change too when the names are released? (I didn't know what a DTG was but perhaps this is the same.)

    Big-timer: your location made me laugh because it smacks so much of my son!

    Just a few thoughts and I totally appreciate what you're doing.
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    How about a Hall of Honour Forum? Rather than a thread crammed into current news, a new thread that list each casualty and the condolences, even an obituary from those who knew them. That way, you can search on the thread by theatre, name, maybe unit if possible. Might make it easier for people to find the information of their loved ones?
  11. chris, a new forum sounds even better... with sections for the different theatres. Perhaps each thread could contain the date of the incident too which would be an instant overview of the situation. How about calling the forum The Cenotaph or something like that?

    Pongo, is this a possibility?
  12. Very appropriate and something I had been thinking of suggesting myself, but had hoped we would not need. Sadly however events seem to be taking over...

    I think a new forum would serve to cover all the points previously raised, give a place to remember, show support and push for recognition of the sacrifice amongst the population.

    My only concern however is the posts, by pushing for recognition (and that’s a given as something we MUST do) we do run a risk of some not so desirable posts from, shall we say some of the more 'challenged citizens' out there, easily dealt with in the general forums but on the 'Cenotaph' no, that is something the relatives, mates, colleagues etce should NOT have to see.

    We will have to see how it goes, but sad to say I do feel that in this new forum if it comes about then all posts may have to be sympathetically reviewed by a Mod before publication, not a good job but if it should stop that one in a thousand getting through and causing even more hurt, then it would be well worth the effort.
  13. There was a discussion here about whether to make a separate In Memoriam forum but given GCO's reminder about ARRSE's history with, um, oddballs the consensus was for the threads to remain in Current Affairs. I must admit, I'm in favour of keeping the threads as individual tributes as with the (sadly) increasingly frequent announcements of fatalities a single thread will turn into a monster and if someone does read ARRSE with the intention of finding tributes to their loved one, it could be quite difficult both physically and emotionally to wade through a group thread till they find 'their' one.

    Bearing in mind how much we've moaned about the media and the BBC in particular, they have had the decency to keep an Iraq fatalities list, though it would have been nice if they'd termed it a Roll of Honour. Sadly they're going to need to start one for Afghanistan.
  14. Perhaps a seperate thread of a seperate and solemn character would be appropriate for the mourning of losses and the commemoration of sacrifice. It would have to be heavily moderated although hopefully a distinctive character would encourage compliance. I'd suggest In Memoriam or something similar and simple.

    In the long run, it may provide some small comfort for friends and families of the dead, seperated from the normal ARRSE debates, and this would be a very good thing for this community to do.
  15. Would it not be a good idea to hold the 'condolences' threads until the names have been announced? Then put these threads on a seperate forum. What happens at the moment is, someone posts a thread on breaking news of a casualty, which becomes a list of 'RIP's. Far better to wait until the name is announced, then the thread can become more personal, with friends etc. being able(where security allows) to post.
    Just an opinion...