Merged - Soldier's mother / compensation & benefits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Father, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Dead soldier

    I can not belive that there is this dreadful system in place. Give with one hand, take with the other.
  2. Dave's big society, helping each other to make the country great again! "And we will build a land fit for heroes to live in". Is that sarcasm or irony or both?
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  3. Trust fund it for uni. Its not her 'savings' then is it?
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  4. Camerons idea of the 'Big Society' is taking from the little people to give to the rich.
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  5. That's not the way it works sadly. The money was available to her, if she chose not to live off it then that's her choice but she still exceeds the 16k limit I'm afraid.

    Shit innit?

  6. She needs one of them 'tax efficient investment vehicles' so beloved of MP's laundering their assets away from HMRC's prying eyes…

    What's that you say, only available to the very wealthy?
    That;s the 'Big Society' for you, those with the biggest assets win.
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  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Erm not failure in the system there, the system is what the system is. The failure is on behalf of any solicitor and financial advisors that may have been involved setting up this Mans will. If a will trust had been put in place the the Death in Service benefits paid to the trust then she wouldn't be in this position now.

    So if you've got Death in Service benefits or any other life cover get your will sorted and a trust. And if you can't be arrsed to go out and look for someone to do it, I have a list of ARRSERS who do Wills and estate planning.
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  8. You ****ing what?

    That's it, someone POL the bus and save me a seat.
  9. Move further down the bus and hold very tight please, ding ding!
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Not being funny, but why doesn't the mum just buy resalable assets to the value of the will? Perhaps a nice Rolex for each of the lads which they can sell to pay for uni, maybe keeping aside £15,999.99p for herself while she's at it?
  11. That'd work. If she can prove she's no longer got the money she can reclaim. Buy some watches, present the receipts to show its gone and jobs a good 'un.

    She needs to be under 6k though. From 6k available to 16k money is deducted from her means tested benefits on a sliding scale. You should get in touch and flog her some posh bangsticks.

    "Hello, this is Ravers, I've been wanting to ring and say this for a while...."

    "Err hello Ravers, what do you want?"

    "Your mum."
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  12. The failings are with the idiots that voted these fools into power
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  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    It's all the tories fault, eh? They introduced the means testing rules? I think not. And imagine the outrage if it was some ordinary punter who'd koofed it and left his wife a big fat insurance payout and she was still getting benefits? You'd all be demanding a lynching at the least.
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  14. Everyone has the right to manage their affairs in a way that is beneficial, like wise the Government are empowered to take take. Not knowing the personal circumstances of an Army Will I can't comment on that. But this thread has made me think that my Gunner Sons will needs attention when he next gets some leave.
  15. This story has been all over the internet since just after the poor kid was killed in July 2009 (Google Lucy Aldridge). There are some quite vociferous and occasionally unpleasant arguments both ways. The lady is mentioned in the SwiftandBold thread (#192), handing over £15,000 cheque (from funds raised?): Lucy Aldridge presents 2 Rifles with a cheque for £15,000! and she's also quite active on behalf of families. The link to Swift and Bold page is certainly worth reading. Good Luck to her.