Merged Real IRA BAck in Business and other PIRA/RIRA Threads

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HarryPalmer, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. THE Real IRA says it is preparing to launch a new offensive after a major three-year internal reorganisation.

    The paramilitary organisation said police officers in the north would be primary targets in its campaign.

    "With more attacks on the RUC/PSNI we believe we can reach the stage where British soldiers are brought back onto the streets to bolster the cops.

    "This will shatter the facade that the British presence has gone and normality reigns.

    People will once again be made visibly aware that we remain occupied, " the dissidents said.

    In its first interview in five years, two members of the Real IRA army council met the Sunday Tribune at a location near the border. The newspaper was also given photographs and a DVD of six heavily-armed Real IRA members on a training exercise near a British security watchtower along the border.

    The Real IRA said that, after substantial restructuring, which saw some members in Belfast and elsewhere dismissed and units that "weren't up to scratch" disbanded, it now had "a new confidence".

    The attempted murder of two police officers in Derry and Dungannon in November showed "the IRA believed it could kill a cop and take whatever the state threw at it". The Real IRA hasn't bombed Britain in six years. When asked if this was to change, the army council representative said: "We will attack Britain where and when we see fit. The law of averages suggests the longer a target hasn't been hit, then the more likely it is to be attacked."

    The paramilitary group warned of firebomb attacks on shops and businesses in the north. Although it views members of the Stormont executive, including Martin McGuinness, as "British ministers" and hence "legitimate targets", it is unlikely to attack them.

    "Targets aren't always chosen on legitimacy but on whether hitting them would be politically expedient or counter-productive and on the likely effect on public support, " the Real IRA leader said. But this decision would be "kept under review".

    In a controversial claim, the Real IRA alleged it had "minimal involvement" in the Omagh bomb: "Our codeword was used . . . nothing more. To have stated this at the time would have been lost in an understandable wave of emotion. That is the only detail on Omagh we're prepared to give at the moment."

    Previously, it had been claimed in some quarters that while the Real IRA made the bomb, Continuity IRA members planted it. However, the Real IRA is now alleging it didn't even make the bomb. Coming 10 years after the atrocity in which 29 people were killed, and without any detailed information to support its claim, the Real IRA's statement will be treated with scepticism.

    The Real IRA denied reports it wanted to unite with Continuity IRA or INLA. It would work with both "on issues where there is common ground", but there would be no joint operations. "We are not seeking to amalgamate three armies into a 'super republican group', " the army council member said. He denounced Sinn Fein and Provisional IRA leaders for urging people to pass information about Real IRA attacks to the PSNI. The Real IRA said it wasn't engaged in any direct or indirect talks with the British or Irish governments.
  2. Terrorism hasn't gone away, nor will it for many years to come

    OUR photographs today of hooded IRA men brandishing Kalashnikovs could be lifted from a copy of this newspaper during the dark years of the Troubles. The fact that they were taken last week will send a shiver down the spine of those who remember those tragic years.

    The bullet and the bomb were supposed to have been decommissioned from Irish politics with the arrival of peace. The war was over and republicans and loyalists had climbed out of the trenches and walked, as comrades, into Stormont. Both sides had fought and won their mutual vision of peace.

    Yet, as Suzanne Breen witnessed, there are still men on this island eager to kill their neighbours to achieve their version of peace. The depressing truth is that terrorism, in Gerry Adams' words, 'hasn't gone away'. Nor will it, for many years to come, as the island of Ireland will continue to breed men who are unwilling to compromise.

    History, however, teaches us that each time these men try to bomb the majority into submission, they are defeated. Each time, their support base is eroded and their numbers dwindle.

    The Real IRA, however determined and wellarmed, will be defeated too.

    Ireland, north and south, is a different place to 10 years ago. Its citizens enjoy peace and a new generation is growing up without ever having read a report of a bombing or a paramilitary shooting.

    The price of this peace is vigilance, something which must be remembered at all costs.

    While Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness chuckle for the cameras, the republican murderers of Robert McCartney walk the streets of Belfast. Their counterparts in the south, who murdered Joe Rafferty, still walk the streets of Dublin.

    In the backwoods of the North, the Real IRA are displaying their arsenal. They haven't gone away.
  3. unfortunately, very, very true.

  4. why does this not suprise me..
  5. Perfect timing for them really if you consider our middle-east deployments. If it kicks off again will we have the assets to put our foot down in NI too?
  6. I bet this lot are about as popular Syph in a nunnery.

    I would have thought that the current lessons of how to go about political change (ie put the guns and bombs down and we'll listen to you) would have rubbed off.

    I am sure most of NI are now looking forward to the "good old days".
  7. With any luck, this will kick off a civil war between RIRA and all the other paramilitaries who want "peace" - i.e. the oppertunity to make as much money from drugs, extortion etc as possible. :roll:

    I would'nt rule out an unholy alliance between the main Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries to deal with RIRA.

    It's nothing personal. Just business. :twisted:
  8. Does that mean kneecappings and executions?
  9. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Perhaps our NATO Colleagues would step in and do the job in NI? Some of them could do with a cut of the proceeds of crime ..
  10. No no no. Not a NATO task but a UN one. I quite fancy the idea of South Koreans or Argentineans patrolling the streets. I think that they might set a more robust tone. :twisted:
  11. 'He who buries the hatchet,knows where it is, to dig it back up again.'
  12. RIRA have impeccable timing; just as the government are trying to pass the new Anti Terrorism Bill..............
  13. I actually think that the Rira may have made the wrong decision,whilst they can certainly recruit dissidents from the North,it is only a few,whilst you can say its not exactly peaceful in the North, to many of the old IRA and UVF/UDA have gained to much,to let it slip back into the old days.

    To many noses in the troughs legal or illegal to want the Troops or increased Police back on the streets, though i do still have my old patrol maps for Andy town and am available after March.

    I to have unfinished business over there

  14. my bold

    Not really the unrest within the ranks was aired publicly on the New Republican Forum website

    i remember a few years ago there was a real dissatisfaction with Micky McKevitt and the leadership most of whom were in Port Laoise prison in the ROI. The first physical mutations of a split came in the form of a riot in Port Laoise, between the signatories of the above site versus the leadership and their supporters. A number of national newspapers ran the story and attempted to assess the implications.

    As for what actually happened on the ground, (and what faction is actually still intent on fighting) it was a very interesting time, but history will no doubt expose this in the future.
  15. Tinfoil hats... ON!!