Merged Muslims Against Crusaders thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CigarIsland, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Nearly every newspaper and news channel's online are covering this story this morning back in the UK. The MAC are this time advertising the fact that they will be carrying out a HELLS FOR HEROES demo outside the Albert Hall where they will not be taking part in the minutes silence, no doubt burning poppies will again occur.

    The HELLS FOR HEROES is a swipe at Help for Heroes which on it's own was making my blood boil never mind when I started to read the shit coming out of the mouth of Choudry, this needs to be nipped in the bud well and truly, although they do state it's ok to remember the deaths from the First/Second War. Prehaps we could encourage either Para Regt/Bootnecks to be in attendance for the event.....We need to start making a stand against this blatant attack on the moral fibre of the UK.

    This is not free speech it's incitement and offensive.
  2. Turn you backs. Keep the high ground.
    Don't let them spoil anything.
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  3. Ignore the *******. They're just behaving like tiresome children, seeking attention.
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  4. Why?
  5. Unfortunatley it is very hard just to ignore these worms. I agree that we, the military should not be drawn into the argument, but something has to be done. I would like to see these individuals charged and found guilty of incitement. A £50 fine is just an insult (for burning poppies last year), this is a blatant attempt to stir up racial tensions - if it isn't why are they called Muslims Against Crusaders.

    Their demonstration needs to be either banned or held in a space as far away from those observing the silence as possible - a barge in the middle of the Channel would be ideal
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  6. Any details on how to join this HELLS FOR HEROES demo? It sounds a bit more interesting than standing quietly for 2 minutes.
  7. This also makes my blood boil. I'm off for a good 'ole teeth gnashing and hand wringing session. I'm also telling me mum.
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  8. Why.... do I have to explain to you why it get's my back up, the fact that it does is enough....********
  9. What race are Muslims?
  10. Is it because neither Muslims or Crusaders are a race?

    Edited to add, check out nimble fingers jimmys_best_mate
  11. So it makes you really, really angry but you're not actually capable of explaining why?
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  12. Hence the expression, 'too angry for words'.
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  13. Let 'em get on with it and roundly ignore them! Nothing hurts them more than being ignored, that's why they're always bloody shouting instead of having reasoned discussions.
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  14. I thought that was because they were as stupid as pig crap.
  15. hopefully das fuzz will be on hand and lift then for breach of the peace as soon as they start acting like twats.

    if i'm honest though i'm not very comfortable with most of the "incitement to X...." laws, i think that if you want to be a ******** you should have the right to do so. hopefully you get filled in for it but it shouldnt be illegal.