Merged: Millions to be forced back to work.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    It won't happen. Watch one sponger sue the government, and some out of touch judge will back him, in a case costing millions, and the fat b'stards will not work again.

    Pathetic government could'nt organise a wnak-a-thon
  2. Seconded. It's their "Human Rights, innit..." :pissedoff:
  3. I could. Do I get the job?
  4. Good about time too. Doley boy next door to me has recieved sickness benefit of £150 p/w for ten years + £63 p/w rent + £15 p/w council tax.

    Don't see anything wrong with him as he walks round with his mandatory can of lager in his hand.

    There are loads of jobs here as the Poles prove - but the benefit is more of a matress to some rather than a safety net. Many are actively seeking unemployment. They would rather a handout than a hand up.
  5. Take a look at the graffeti, rubbish etc in the average town centre. They can clean that up in return for their benefits.

    Companies like McDonalds, Tesco etc always have a high turn over, so there are plenty of low-paid, low-skill jobs out there...

    But it's a moot point; this Gub'mint does'nt have the bottle for a fight. They'll back down from the first serious challenge. :x
  6. well, let's look on the bright side: they are trying and its been acknowledged at least that there's a problem. They tried something like this before with Frank Field (yes, I know he got the sack). They're going to find this hard simply because of the people who make up their party with their attitudes, values & beliefs.
  7. Nah it'll never happen if all these millions are found work, day time TV will become uneconomical to continue and Tesco's/Asda will loose millions in lost diamond white and cheap lager sales, as for Mcdonalds they will all be empty, job centres will close and sales of drugs will plummet!!
    Hang on....... crime will go down too, all these chavs working will leave coppers with nothig to do except walk around all day, wohoo crack on I say!!!
  8. The Polish don't seem to have problems finding work. I can't believe they only want to target 1.5 million of the 3.5 million claimaints
  9. Good idea, why not send them to the army? Even if there is a high drop out rate there must be a percentage if given the right encouragement will make it as soldiers??
  10. never happen.

  11. People are always bleating on about the zillions of landmines in the world, why don't we train these chavs to clear them, a few cans of diamond white or buckie and let them go. Problem solved.
  12. I wonder how much the government will slice benefits in order to punish those that go against the grain? It should be sliced so that they can't afford their Sky TV and kitted up Ford Escorts, and so they can only afford bread and dripping to live on each week. Maybe that'll give them a kick up the arrse and into a job.

    But I doubt the Government has the stones to take such a "hard line" with them, and as has already been said, as soon as someone puts a hurdle in front of them they will fall.
  13. Once again this shower of sh1t pasing the buck to another private sector group, no doubt bassed off shore!

    If the NHS was not so slow and over managed and if people with problems that could be fixed quickly, they would not be long term sick! However, when you look at ALL the so-called managers in the Civil Service off with Stress (poor darlings), perhaps this bunck of c@nts should be asking why?

    Work to live, or live to work -- Work life balance!!
  14. Genius. Well I'm prepared to employ 10.000 people at £20K PA for 18 months and pocket the 200 million pound difference.
    Kerching. :roll: