Meredith Kercher re-trial

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kromeriz, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Yes. In my (allegedly, etc, etc) opinion, she shows too little facial movement when asked the really awkward questions. As if she's practised in front of a mirror. Nothing she says now alters the bizarre behaviour she exhibited in Italy, when it mattered and when she was not learning her lines for the court appearance.

    She has been coached.
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  2. Meredith Kercher retrial? What's the retrial for? Having the audacity to be a murder victim?
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  3. If she goes back she'll be found guilty.
    If she stays in the USA she's guilty
    Either way the rights to her film are getting more expensive! Me, cynical? Naahhh
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  4. She is at the very least guilty of being a callous bitch, but I've always thought she knew far more than she let on & is not innocent.

    And yes, I would for a danger shag...
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  5. Oh, come on. Everybody knows you can't be tried twice for being a murder victim.
  6. I have not seen a more guilty individual.

    She has been well coached for her interviews and will make a small fortune from being a killer.

    Guilty as charged in my book.
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  7. George: Yes, I've already planned my closing address based on that very thing.
    Oh, go on, let him off, your honor, please! It's a lovely day. Pretty
    clouds, trees, birds, etc. I rest my case.

    Edmund: So, council, with that summing up in mind, what do you think my chances

    George: Well, not all that good I'm afraid, as far as I can tell you're as
    guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo.
  8. Basic Instinct 2
  9. She can be guilty as she likes... I still would!
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  10. I'm just surprised there's been no leaked home-made porn from her yet.
    Not of the night she slit her mates throat of course, that might damage the defense strategy.
    But you know the kinky psycho has some ex boyfriend somewhere who's holding on to a goldmine of videos.

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  11. The clip I saw this morning - she was asked if she was present when the girl was killed.She said she was not.
    So how does that work?
  12. The interview doesn't flow. The way she talks is so staged, considered and acted out it's unbelievable.
  13. I'll be fucking dissappointed if no hardcore lesbo dits arise from her "memoirs" in prison. If there are then expect shares in Andrex to rise rapid!
  14. As long as it's not with some of them butch boiler Italian guards at her trial