Mere Anarchy - Mark Frankland

Maybe someone has already mentioned this. I can't find anything, but then, I don't really know how to search.

If Mark Frankland was a conventional author, he'd be right up there with the big boys. He mostly writes for a Dumfries based charity though and you won't find his books in Smiths or Waterstones, instead you can view them all and order them via

Mere Anarchy is set in 2016 with the UK bankrupt and the PM being blackmailed by big business. The solution is seismic. Stop all benefits, open feeding stations and dormitories for the poor and displaced, return the country to wartime austerity in order to reset its values and worth. It's an absolutely blinding read!

This guy has evidently worked amongst old squaddies with drug and alcohol problems caused by PTSD. His storylines (like those in his other books "The Cull" and "Afterwards") might find a real appeal amongst the forces. I reckon some of his work could even achieve the cult status that the "Devil's Guard" by George Robert Elford did with the army of the 70s and 80s.

Take a look. I highly recommend his stuff.
Bit early on a wet and dreary morning for pedanticism, I would have thought. Feel free to bask in a sense of superior intellect and righteous indignation though..............

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