Merde dartiste

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Browno is one of ARRSE's most controversial up and coming young artists, but his bold choice of excrement and it's almost unavoidable brownish hues make his art a touch more personal than that of many others.

    In his aptly named 'Turds' series we see a new and even more creative side to this young artist's work. His 'Baked Alaskan Brown' is surely one of the most imaginative pieces this reviewer has seen on any pavement. Though it would take a lot to beat his classic 'Tony Blair' which is still a work in progress, and is added to religously every day.

    What will his next work be? Who knows, perhaps he'll encase them in glass for art lovers everwhere to behold, or perhaps he'll splatter them onto canvas so they'll be easier to hang on the wall, no matter what it is, it's bound to be brown.

    Looking at this piece, by another artist and valued at over a million: , perhaps in a few years we could all be saying "Come back to my place I've got a genuine Browno floating in the bowl"

    Some examples of Browno's art:
  2. Question for arrsemaidens: Would the invitation to "Come up to my studio and look at my droppings" elicit any interest from any of you?
  3. Why don't you just ignore it tartan terrier? Why start a new thread when you could a. ignore it or b. PM Browno with your thoughts on his/her post without subjecting the NAAFI to more 'clutter'.
  4. Actually, I'd just decided that it would have been better placed either in the Arrsepedia or on the tail end of the turds post, but since you've replied it's too late for me to delete it.

    I do however find his fascination with Canadian para smocks somewhat disturbing......
  5. What a load of cr*p!
  6. I admit i do find Sh1t fascinating, My mates know about it too, I make voodoo dolls out of my 'logs' every now n again, I painted Public Phone Boxes, My Bathroom Walls, Sink, Bathtub with my sloppy dungs and even myself!

    I started off by defecating in various places(Own Back Yard, DIY Stores, My School/College Classrooms/Back Of Bus etc), making Excrement Sandwiches, Burning Turds n so on. I had it all filmed on my CameraPhone but sadly lost it somewhere, It was only a rubbish NEC Phone on 3Network anyway. I may upload some of my Turd Photies later on and make one from me dedicated to

    Pong Paste is 100% Natural and it comes out of us all.
  8. I am a clean person, I do get washed, wear decent clothes but i just do dirty things for a laugh!
  9. What the FCUK!!
    I've seen some S##t in my time on this planet but S##t Art !!
    FCUK OFF!!
  10. Has anyone had a shit recently?, If so, what was it like?