Sheikh Abu 'Hook' Hamza is up before the beak to face the music for preaching hate. Do we think that the one eyed, one handed maggot should have the full force of the law thrown at him, or is he entitled to express his views?
He preaches hate and intolerance. But he preaches that against western culture including the one that has taken him in and provided him and his family with food housing and money at the tax payer's expence. If you can't respect the one who has taken you in and provided for you, you really can't respect anyone. Let him reap what he has sown and face the full force of the law. I wouldn't expect 'mercy' to be shown to any chav or low life who only takes and doesn't give something back to the community, so why should I for someone who wants me, my family and my culture dead, and tries to recruit others to do his dirty work, rather than do it himself.

No, if he's found guilty send him to prison (we're not going to get anything better) and when he comes out, kick him out of the country.
Personally, i think he should be shipped back to Egypt and his residency status revoked, Since he only got married for a visa, as all he has done over in the uk is claim off the govenment disability allowance.

As for his preaching i think that invokes racial hatered, If he doesnt like the Brits/westeners so much, then why is he taking there money for disability, and living in GB, i Say boot him out. Send him back to where he came from!!
Even if he's found not guilty, he should be sent back to live in his own country, him, his wife and all his kids.
He has repeatedly bitten the hand that feeds him, and he has constantly exploited our good nature (or foolishness, which of you prefer in this case). However I have heard extremists such as him refer to the way we treat people such as him as weakness to be exploited, and they have certainly exploited it very well.

The big question is, why was he tolerated for so long? Many (most?) Other countries would have turfed him out on his ear long ago. If he was in a Muslim country preaching the destruction of the people of that country, he would have been dealt with post-haste!
If he hates our society so much, we should remove it's protection, and let him be extradited to Yemen. If he's found guilty over there, he swings.
The Krauts had one just like him;The so called `kalif of Köln`(Cologne),served him a couple of summonses,talked the Turks into not hanging him,and sent him off to Ankara.

Yes,his Lawyer,screamed like a stuck pig,but the Germans apologised,and basically f*cked him off at the high port;Maybe if he asked nicely the Turks would give him back!

If toerags like this didn´t exist,the rest of the law-abiding,persecuted,and generally downtroded asylum seekers,would get a much better welcome,landing at Dover.
I was watching Channel 4 news earlier and it showed protesters outside the court (?), some were holding banners saying 'Man-Made laws - go to Hell'. Now I know this isn't the view held by most muslims, but how can you have people in this country who do not appreciate the rule of law?
Luv ta make a really interlectual post on this one.
let him gob all he wants on his trip to the trapdoor, the in the finest traditions of Old Albert, push the lever and he's gone to his 72 Raisins or small boys(Wurgins, backpassage never opened).
In reality send him back home to where he came from, for there his own people will know how to give him the treatment he deserves in the best Islamic manner.
Some months ago I almost vomited over my Keyboard when I learnd he owns a brand new Toyota People Carrier, all paid for by the 'Social', for he classifed as a "Mobility" case and NEEDS such a machine to transport his family er about 7 kids.


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the_beerhunter said:
That t**t does not express the views of any Muslims I have met. they feel as all Brits do. boot him out and let him face the music.
True story.
I've only met two who said that the west would never roll into Iraq...
Now they just buy another round as a penance.

I'm not going to make a useful contribution to the thread, but I'd just like to point out to anyone that has been taken in by the Bliar Broadcasting Cobblers that he did not actually lose his hands while fighting the Russians in the Afghan.

Yes he was in Afghanistan when he lost his hands and eye.
However he was at an Islamic 'school' when while doing something I'm certain was against the school rules, the IED he had built scored an own goal.
I'm sure that as a peace loving gentleman he'd never advocate that any Brit muslim should plant an IED either within or without our borders.

Maybe I'll think differently about that last line tomorrow.

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