Mercian/Yorkshire Headdress

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by barnezy349, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. Morning all,

    Just a quick one...trying to get hold of a small crown beret for Mercian Regt. However, haven't been able to find khaki s/crown beret with lincoln green patch sewn on, but i have found one that has it sewn on that is branded as a "Yorkshire Regiment Officer's Beret."

    Are the green flashes for Mercian and Yorks the same shade of green (lincoln)?

    Quick search hasn't bought this up on google :(

  2. It's not lincoln green ( a la Robin Hood) it's Brunswick Green.
  3. have you tried john bull in catterick
  4. It's a different shade. Put 2 next to each other and it's easily noticeable
  5. sorry for nicking this,, is there anyone out there with the info on standards haveing to put on single spur for a staffs mans funeral..thanks
  6. bump .. plz anyone with info..
  7. The tailors opposite Tesco at Catterick do them.
  8. what i am after is it ok info? or should i forget it.
  9. found out today by some one who deffo knows,,, NO ...
  10. Just get a plain beret and get a tailor to put the correct green patch on or sew one on your self.