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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. heard mixed opninions on this...

    does anyone know if the beret is khaki or POW blue???

    i'll be gutted i have to sacrifice my blue 1 cheshire beret :( i'm already gutted about losing the capbadge
  2. Been told here at catterick that it will be sandy brown, like the royal welsh beret.
  3. yeah thats what i got told by my platoon sgt

    but then 1 of the section commanders said it's stayin prince of wales blue

    what platoon u in bradshaw
  4. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Khaki with green patch.

    WFR and Staffords have been sharing officers, men, JNCO cadres and Sp Wpns cadres for over a decade. Staffordshire is sandwiched between Worcs, Notts and Derby; Cheshire bolts on to the top.

    Shoot me down, but I cannot see the problem. Just a shame that we've lost the names.

  5. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Sorry Bradshaw - didn't see you there!

    How's Catterick going?

  6. I work for the qm of one of the mercian "4" and its deff khaki /shite brown
  7. Nothing wrong with khaki mate! However i just think its another move towards the 'Corps of Infantry'
  8. They seem to be going along way round to get there, we all wore navy berets at one time and at one time the Staffords TA were officially known as The Mercian Volunteers. I enlisted (as I thought) into The North Staffords in 1958 and yet I see on my docs, acquired from Glasgow, that I was enlisted into the Mercian Brigade.
  9. Ive pmd you chris.
    By the by, do any of the WFR guys here know for sure where our next tour is, one of my section commanders has told me that he was in contact with a friend who claims C company will be going to afghan and the rest will be off to iraq. Can anyone verify this or shed any light?
  10. 2nd Btn Mercian Volunteers. PSIs were from Staffordshire regiment although other companies had Cheshire and WFR PSIs. Beret was the very dark blue, (almost black) and badge was the double headed shitehawk. Rebadged as 3rd Btn the Staffordshire regiment in 1988 as I recall. The idea was that each Company would be the core of a new Btn under the TA expansion plans that started in 1987 or thereabouts. It must have worked, the Russkies gave up two years later!
  11. It should stay dark blue just like it was in the 70's ..... AND ..... you should ALL wear the Stafford Knot cap badge too :D
  12. This is because during the Brigade structure, regiments as such ceased to formally exist, except as Bns of the Bde. The Bde all wore the same capbadge (Mercians, Green Jackets, Light Infantry or whatever), but had Battalion (i.e. Regiment) collar dogs etc.

    To all intents and purposes, the new structure is simply a finalisation of this structure. Those Brigades which didn't become Regiments (Highland, Lowland, Yorkshire, Lancastrian, Mercian, Welsh and Wessex) are finally being forced into it, with the exception of the Wessex Brigade and Foot Guards.

    The "Royal Wessex Regiment" was on the cards for a while (D&D and RGBWR forming a 2 Bn Rgt, possibly with Hampshire added), but they took the bullet after it was clear the natural place to cut the final Bn (Scotland) was politically unacceptable.

    The Khaki beret is the colour of the infantry, Dark Blue is the default army colour.
  13. <<<<<<<The Khaki beret is the colour of the infantry, Dark Blue is the default army colour. >>>>>>>>>>>

    I'm not sure how you worked that one out. During WWII almost everyone except RTR wore the Khaki beret but laqter almost everyone except RTR Para and some od Cav regt's wore the Dark Blue (Navy) beret. It's only been since the formation of the "Large " regiments that berets other than Navy have become common. Sorry in the late 50s early 60s the Rifle Regiments and Light Inf began wearing dark green.
  14. Top Show :D :)
  15. It was directed by DInf(?) sometime in the 1970's that the "Corps" beret was Khaki, to separate the infantry from non-combat arms. In the event, the Kings and Guards Divs went khaki, the Queen's Div started (but the was vetoed by the Queen's and RRF), and the PoW Div never made the transition.

    The King's Regiment eventually went back to Midnight Blue in 1985(?). As new regiments have formed by amalgamation they've adopted the Khaki beret (except the RGBW), and once the current round of amalgamations is complete, only the RRF will retain an all arms blue beret.

    I wonder whether the Cheshire and Staffordshire Regiment (which never completed formation, one of two amalgamations approved, but fought off, the other being the Royal Scots and KOSB) would have adopted a Khaki beret.